Will it be 20 placement matches for next season?


Am I only one who see that,I will call it BUG or whatever,when checking others profiles,sometimes there`s stayin 20 placement games,turn off and in again only 10…

I mention that already on some post before that should be 20 games,didn`t saw that before only on last two patches.


There was also a long-standing promise to finally show the mysterious MMR that randomly threw people all around the ladder this season :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter whether it is 5, 10 or 50 placement matches. The placement system itself is not working and should be removed entirely IMHO. While doing so, it might also make sense to just use one MMR for all game modes. How can the same person be a master player in one mode and a platinum player in another mode? Even if you account for additional variables (e.g. not the exact same player/game basis), Win/Loss rates still seem to be the only relevant factor, which can also be based on ALL wins and losses in all game modes (or just use the Storm Rank MMR also for QM and Unranked).


All the promises were done before the team was cut.

During Blizzcon: We plan to show MMR and rework the league system to be more meaningful, because matching people based on MMR while displaying leagues calculated by different point system is confusing a lot of people.

During Reddit AMA after the team was cut: We are actually still internally discussing whether to show the MMR or not and opinions on this are divided in the team.

Also regarding placement matches amount, they promised like 3 or 4 seasons ago that there will be more placement matches for people who play the league only occasionally (like less than 20-30 games per season) and that people who play it regularly will have lower amount of placement matches, even as low as only 1 game required, since for those players, placement matches mean just very little change and they are mostly used just to reset your rank to match your internal MMR. So if they would actually do it next season, I would be really happy. I was super disappointed each season I saw that I still have to do 10 matches after they announced this.