15 match or more lose

I’ve been losing for 15 matches, the matchmaking system doesn’t feel right. I always match up with bad people. I can do better than this rank but my team won’t allow it, I’ve been crying for days. I’ve been losing for days. and pls back pink mercyyyyyyyy


Do you do dmg as mercy? When I win games as supp, I often see that both me and the other support have elims and they have a 0 kill 0 dmg mercy, and it’s why they lost. That is 1 member of the team not doing dmg, not getting kills and not putting any pressure on the other team. People think she just has 2 beams (some people think it’s just the heal beam) and that’s her job, she has a gun so when your team doesn’t need healing you should be doing dmg. This goes for any support as well, the key to winning games is to have all teammates getting elims and being involved in fights. Just my 2 cents


I`m agree with on 100%, but sometimes, you have no chance to do not heal, cause if you will make at least one shoot, your teammate will fall

Damn, one of my main objectives with this game is getting a POTG with Mercy!