[18+] Arcadian - Overwatch Community [LFG] [EU] [EVENTS] [STREAMER FRIENDLY] [GREAT ADMIN]

Add - Impetro#1405 on discord for invite…

Hi There,
We’re Arcadian. We’re a new community to Overwatch that started out as a team which grew into bigger things. We’re hoping to extend an invite to any players 18+ from all sides of the world. Although we are EU based anybody is welcome to play. We have friendly members and admin and we plan to grow bigger by the day to make sure players have a variety of users to play with, gain knowledge, get better, even start a team but mostly have fun.

Please Note
We are lenient on rules but we want to provide a safe friendly community for people to play. We do not welcome any boosters or hackers. We want a fair levelled playing area as I expect most other people also do :slight_smile:

If this sounds like something u r interested in? Simply add me on discord and I will get back to u ASAP. Discord - Impetro#1405

If you see people playing you can jump straight in with them. If not simply tag @overwatch and let people know u r looking to play in our LFG channel. Keep in mind this is an EU server although all are welcome but most users become active in the afternoon GMT. Hope to see you soon…



Great guys in there.

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Thank you Sir, ur not so bad urself :joy:

Really nicely set out community full of great people.


Amazing and chill people. Some are Good at games, some are not as Good :wink:

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Thank You Mintiz…
We know what category u fall under #MercyMain :rofl::rofl::wink:

The 2nd of November I’m gonna host a gamenight on the server where we gonna gather a bunch of people, play and get to know each other. You can get drunk or not, its your decision (drunk is the most fun tho :wink: ) We gonna start with some games everyone can play like Cards against humanity, scribble etc. Later we gonna jump on and play some overwatch, depending on How many we are we might play custom or comp or some workshop!
This is so everyone can get to know each other and feel more comfortable in the server. Feel welcome to join and I hope you want to join us <3

Sounds good I’ll drop you a message on discord later or more than likely tomorrow.

Hey Magoo, not sure if I got u message. Just checking as a few ppl have added me :wink:

Since i have no friends in OW,i’d love to give it a try,i’m a support main

Done :+1: Check you later.

Hey Zoey… Support and tank mains needed :joy: Im a tank main, not a fan of the meta :sob:

In the community for the last week ish they have all been rlly chill and it’s been good fun. If you want a small little community as u feel a bit isolated playing or just being online solo I would recommend here.

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Thank you Lock :wink:

Some drunken Overwatch tonight and I will be live streaming Blizzcon tomorrow so we can all act surprised about the Overwatch 2 announcement that we completely aren’t expecting 1 bit :joy:

I was suppose to have the game night last weekend but I was working sadly! But I Will make it happen this weekend. This is the announcement I put on the server:
As some of you may know I have been planing a game night on the server where games like Cards against humanity, scribble, etc will be played. This is so everyone can join and have fun! Of course games like overwatch, Counter strike and others!
I’m planing on hosting this game night on either Friday or Saturday this week. I’ll let you guys vote on what day so we can have many as possible. Drinking is allowed of course and it makes it even more fun but we do not allow any peer pressure!
I hope you guys wanna join and I’ll put out a vote asap😚
Ps if you have any questions feel free to message me or @ me in general☀️

Mintiz is working 14 hours today. Come help us troll her why we all play games in her absence :joy::joy::joy:

Sick of solo q? come say hi :slight_smile:

hi, i send you a friend request :wink:
moira main

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Really fun games recently :slight_smile: