20 Hours suspension for crashing


I’m getting random black-screens and computer freezes(looping sound) ingame.
Problem happens alot mid-game whereas before it happened alot in the hero selection.
I’ve done all possible steps i could find for the black screen problem i’m having and still this game crashes more then ever.

All games are working perfectly except for overwatch

I tried with almost all Amd drivers and without other applications running (wich shouldnt be a problem anyway).

Problems i can exclude:
-other applications
-heat(cpu is always 55°max gpu is max 68 except for when it’s crashing)
-remove cache folder
-repair game
-disable radeon overlay

I’m pretty sure it’s a problem exclusively for overwatch since this problem is only happening in overwatch.
Also my gpu starts building heat before crashing so that would indicate some failed powerstate/fancurve management between amd and overwatch
Tried different profiles/settings to circumvent that but without any succes.