[3000 Sr] [EU] Experienced Tourny player looking for new team!

I’m Upriser. I’m a 3000k player whose been playing the game semi-consistently since Season 2. I’ve played in a few tournaments around this level and slightly above aswell as been a tournament Ref and Organiser.

I have played the following roles for my previous teams:
-Flex DPS
-Hitscan DPS
-Tracer/Widow Specialist
-Main Tank
-Off Healer
and for a small time I played Off Tank.

I’m looking for a team around my level whether thats a low-high plat team or a low-high Diamond team.

I’m currently looking for team that could offer me any of these roles:
-Flex DPS
-Main Tank
-Off Healer

I can confirm I have a mic and am willing to do coms.

I also don’t mind starting as a sub and working on improving to earn game time.

I am also up for doing a trial with the team before confirming a spot.

If you are interested in please send me a message on xbox.
My gt is Upriser14.