5 wins 1 loss - Demoted

From Plat 3 to Gold 1

What is the logic in that? Hahahhahahhahhahahha

When was the last time you played comp? If it was last season then ignore everything from here on out.

If you’ve had a long break from the game your mmr slowly decays. And with a recent update your rank also depends on your mmr as well as sr.

That was my first 6 games as DPS since last season but I’m hardly inactive. I play every week

As i said, ignore that message if you played last season.

The mmr decay kicks in if you go months without playing, so it’s clearly not the case here.
From plat3 to gold one is a heavy drop, even if you had lost 5 instead.

You shouldn’t have demoted in ranks at all with 5/1 if there was any sense in rankings.

The 20 games before this are relevant as well to why you got demoted. But indeed, not the best system.

Your individual performance also matters in those games. If you played poorly, you can go 5-0 and stay same/derank.

Based in which role you play, youll need to be getting elims, heals, saves, mitigation etc.

Not true.

Blizzard did say that before OW2 came out, but they reverted on that statement within this comms:

Only wins and losses can be counted.