5W 1L, still no rank up

Dear Blizzard (Who don’t read the forum posts anyway)
I just finished my rank adjustment for DPS.
I went 5W/1L, with a 4 winstreak, yet I still didn’t rank up. I remained at my rank.
Honestly, what is the point in playing to increase your rank anymore?
5 wins. 1 Loss. 4 game winstreak. What exactly does Blizzard expect from us for us to be able to rank up?
I’ve played this game since beta, I’ve played competitive every season since season 1, and ranked has never been in such a horrible place before. There is zero indication on whether you’re going to rank up or down. Winstreaks / losing streaks were horrible in OW1, sure, but this is even worse, because you can be on a winstreak and you still won’t rank up.

I’m the only person left in my friend group who’s still supporting Overwatch. I defend the dev team when my friends trash the game for not giving us the promised content, the insane price for skins, and the queue times being horrendous (for high ranked people). Lately however, it has become insanely difficult to defend Blizzard anymore. I don’t ask for new characters, I don’t ask for skins, nor do I ask for maps, gamemodes or anything. I literally just want to play competitive and get rewarded for having some really good games and being on a winstreak. I feel like that is the absolute bare minimum.
Please, bilzzard. Direct some money into fixing whatever got messed up the ranked system with the launch of OW2, so the few of us still enjoying the game can continue enjoying the game. Just bring back the ranked system from OW1 if nothing else.


Great intro to the discussion.

In regards to your post, I believe they hidden the SR to hide bugs!

Because according to the devs your skill in the game will never change, it was assigned at birth.

Fair enough. Then change the facade of the whole thing. Make it so you get competitive levels and you get 1 exp for contributing and 2 exp for winning and it resets each season or something more fun.

I tried to give overwatch another go and had to give up after winning my first 5 games and staying the same rank. I don’t like feeling like I’m wasting my time