A possible solution to keep Brigitte viable


So, with Brigitte mains cowering in fear from the new armour nerfs, I think I’ve thought of a way to keep Brigitte viable in these dark times in Overwatch.

With armour being extremely weak now, Brigitte, especially her Ult, Rally, is a lot more ineffective now, Brigitte’s survivability depends on her Ult. And her armour packs can be extremely beneficial to her team.

So maybe…When someone gets damaged with Brigitte’s armour pack active, when that happens, how about giving the Brigitte extra Ult charge?

What do you guys think?


I’m not sure that could be coded well enough. Barriers are one thing because they block damage altogether, but it would be harder than you think to keep track of damage prevented with armour.

I think it would be better for Rally to give any of Brigitte’s teammates in range the same movement speed increase she gains from it (i.e. 30%). Or some other buff like increasing healing received or casting it resetting Brigitte’s ability cooldowns. Honestly, I don’t know why they made Rally armour temporary anyway when they could have just buffed it to be more beneficial in teamfights than out of them.

(Also, it was only OP when you used it on the three heroes who have shields as health-Zarya, Zenyatta and Symmetra-and the odds of getting all three of those on your team was close to nil.)


Every pro team on the PTR is still using Brig and Goats. What do you guys fear? That she might be balanced after 10 more nerfs?
Personally i’m agents any Brig and Goats buffs because it killed the game.

75% of teams are goats on the ptr. Lets not buff that.


Eh, no.


If anything she’ll probably get nerfed soon-ish again