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can we get a feature that makes it so i can get my ps4 overwatch account over to my pc? cause ive spendt so much time grinding on my ps4 only to loose it all when i got a pc. this is something that almost all players want and it should’nt be too hard to make. if anyone who knows how i can get in contact with someone who works for overwatch then tell me. thank you all for your time. -Turbo

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Hey there Turbo,

Moving a game from your console to the account is sadly not possible, and personally I would find it highly unlikely that such a feature will exist for Overwatch, as at the very least we would be required to have access to the console accounts/systems.

The way I understand it, you may be referring to cross-progression between different platforms in Overwatch. Some information about this can be located in here.


This is unfair. I spent a lot of time playing on the PlayStation platform, and when I switch to PC, I find that I cannot play with my account. How do you want me to start over when I have an account in it? This is something that frustrates all the people who switched to PC.

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There is a big problem with Overwatch, which is transferring your account from the PlayStation platform to the PC. How can I play from scratch and have an account with everything? This is unsatisfactory for me and for all Overwatch players

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Hey klaus,

I can see you found the answer already and I merged your new thread here. I understand it wasn’t the one you were hoping for, though I’m afraid that’s not something support can assist with directly.

It looks like the link posted earlier is no longer available but for all the details about this, check out:

and the wider cross-play/progression article linked from there.

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