Actually can't win a single game with Lifeweaver what's going on? FZJWQ3


My stats:

IDK what’s going on but I can’t win a single game?

Yeah I’m not using my thorns but I still should win at least one game out of all of the games so far…


Just looking at stats your team should’ve won, but that’s not what the game is about. Look at Push mode, you don’t have to win any teamfights to win the game.

I’ve only watched a few minutes so I’m not sure what happened the rest of the game but here is my opinion, dealing damage is one thing a support should do. We are not healers!!! We support how our team needs us in the moment. And healing is a big part of it sure but so is dealing damage. As LW if your team needs heals best thing is to healbot since swapping can be slow and fatal for one of your teammates, but every situation is different.

Your positioning was good the minutes I’ve watched, you were standing not too close so you could back up when needed or push when needed. I rather position even further away from my team unless there are dive heroes on my team.

Charging your heals a little bit more would benefit a lot. Charging them all the way is a waste but not charging them isn’t the play either. I tend to aim between 40-60 which benefits my teammates the most in my experience. When multiple teammates need heals it’s best to alternate between the 2.

The pulls were decent, some were great and some were unlucky. One pull was a panick pull but it didn’t lose you that fight so keep pulling people even if they don’t like it, you will save atleast a few players.

I use my petals selfishly most of the times unless someone needs highground fast. I place one ahead of time behind me so I can escape a flanker. And your next petal is already back up for when you need it, like for healing a teammate behind a small wall.

If you’re winning a teamfight with tree placed down you can break it early so you can recharge earlier.

A reminder; I’ve only watched a few minutes, and this is my opinion from what I saw and what I think you did good and things that could’ve been a little bit better. I’m not trying to be rude or insult you in any way only providing my opinion!!! I’m not talking about your teammates since flaming them would’ve been easier for me but improving yourself and looking at our own mistakes instead of flaming others for their mistakes is a big part of becoming better at the game. I’m a support main since the beginning started as sym support and now I pref to play Ana/Moira/Lw/Kiri on a new account that is currently diamond.


Thanks for the feedback it’s much appreciated!

The reason I should explain why I prefer to just heal is I prefer the pacifist playstyle and I like not playing an FPS within an FPS if that makes sense…

Reading through the rest of your post now…


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Currently dia 2 But didn’t play ranked for over a year since my second account was perm banned for being mad that my main account was perm banned xD

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Cool oh and FWIW I’m totally new to both the hero LW and the support role…

I played a little bit of support many years ago but just picked up LW a few days ago because he seems interesting…

Maybe some of my tank knowledge can also apply peripherally to support?


Because lifeweaver is literally trash. Every time i see lifeweavcer in my team i know that it is a loss.
Not matter what you do, you are not that effective as other supports.

Also, planting an ultimate pink tree that gives most stats for your healing score = throwing.


I’ve seen some good LW players, who have made some great plays. But you are mostly right. He is by far the worst support and playing him, especially in open queue is the player deliberately handicapping themselves and their team.

If you then play that hero badly, as was shown, you should get reported.

You can’t really win games beyond silver if you don’t deal damage and get picks.
There really isn’t an excuse to get stats worse than a mercy with a hero that’s equal to her in healing numbers.

You have to finish off enemies. Which is something i mentioned when you last showed a lifeweaver vod for feedback.
Sometimes it’s a better idea to shoot the enemy together with a teammate.
46 hps (damage passive calculated) is not worth it to spam at a teammate when you could be dealing 100 dps instead. And lifeweaver can deal over a 100 dps with thorns.

Some general tips to survive and win in at least gold level games on support. (No idea if things change higher up as my aim skill keeps me locked in gold area)

Ping enemies, follow your team closely and make sure to stay out of enemy sightlines whenever possible.
If you see an enemy on half health or less, shoot them.
Check for flankers frequently if the enemy team is playing any.
If you see an enemy that no one else has yet (especially if it’s a lone support) ping them and start shooting.

A hint for specially lifeweaver when you ult. Ult the battlefield and start shooting. Your tree will keep your team up and provide cover, you need to delete an enemy to still be of value while not healing.

Your team was trying to hard carry you going by the stats.

Hey, I’ve just been summoned here from the NA forums. I’m going to give my opinion on this replay here, so buckle up. Apologies in advance

My honest opinion overall is that this match was basically a 4vs5 with some added “environmental hazards”, if you will

Completely disregarding the lack of thorns for a moment, I saw a whole lot of wasted healing blossoms, and not charging them nearly enough. I think your average heal charge was about 25, and that’s possibly being generous. Do you know how much HPS that amounts to? About 45.28~ HPS before factoring in the reload. WITH the reload, it’s down to about 38.47~ HPS. Spamming heals like you were doing makes the reload much more painful than it already is. And I haven’t even factored in the DPS passive that’s probably constantly being applied, especially if there’s a lack of damage pressure keeping the enemy team in check

And then we have the grip spam. That’s essentially what I was seeing: the vast majority of grips in that replay were unnecessary at best, especially if you had just taken the time to actually charge your blossoms. If you can help someone survive in a situation just by healing them, do NOT grip them. Sometimes it looked as if you were gripping completely at random. Don’t do that

The petals and trees on the other hand looked like they were just haphazardly being thrown around the battlefield without any consideration. Both are powerful tools, and ended up being randomly wasted most of the time

Like, even if you INSIST on playing “pacifist” (which is unlikely to get you over a 50% WR, just for the record), there’s so much to address here that I’m having trouble putting my thoughts about what I just saw into words. Part of me is almost suspicious that you know exactly what you’re doing here, so to speak. I sure hope not

And not related to Weaver in specific, but why did you go AFK at the beginning? The fight was already well underway by the time you finally got there

Now to comment on a few specific timestamps. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the issues I found, but–

3:35 - You waste grip on Hog, right as the enemy Sigma uses his ult. Moira was caught in it, but thankfully she managed to avoid dying without being gripped out of it. But you see how wasting grip could potentially end very badly?

4:35 - OK I actually kind of thought this particular grip was neat because you basically used Hog’s invincible body while being gripped to break the mines. Was that intentional, or a happy accident?

4:38 - Sojourn dies during ult because you were busy healing your Hog, who was perfectly safe at the time. We need to work on heal prioritization

Starting at 4:40 - Why are we standing here? Why are we not taking the highground right in front of us? We can hardly see the team from here, and they’re just melting. We could have gotten so much more done here

7:00 - I seriously have no idea what the purpose of this pull was. This is what I mean by gripping at random. And then right after that, aside from petaling the Orisa ult, you were pretty much AFK for a solid 15~ seconds. You could have at least manually reloaded your heals or something (since you wasted a bunch and had like 2 left), anything. Better yet, THORNS. I’ve not mentioned them at all yet for the sake of humoring this idea of playing “pacifist”, but your team wasn’t in that much danger here. Use thorns, get that passive reload going

7:48 - OK, so you decide to pull D.Va here. I understand this one. However, instead of immediately charging a heal to throw at her, you just kind of ignored her and strolled off for a bit before resuming the mini heals. Annnnnnd then she flies into the fight without enough HP and dies

8:20 - One of many examples of not charging your heals enough and then wasting grip in panic

9:20 - I’m not sure why this keeps happening. And by “this”, I mean randomly throwing a petal way out in front of you just because you can

9:30 - We could be doing anything right now. However, we’ve decided to hide around the corner and spam payload heals at teammates with practically full health. Good thing they got stuff done, but it could have definitely been over faster

At this point, I feel like I should just share some replays to demonstrate successful Weaver gameplay. I’m definitely NOT a “pacifist” Weaver, and I have a feeling we’re on different platforms (I’m on PC). I also just started playing comp, and am only silver 1 at the moment, possibly due to some unfortunate placement matches. But hopefully it can at least give you some idea–

CGE37E - Blizzard World. I wouldn’t say I was particularly deadly here (even though I got 23 elims), but I only died twice and got impressive stats, including 23 saves and over 22k healing

V4VB0W - Eichenwalde. One of my favorite replays. I WAS pretty deadly here, and got tons of crits

DH912V - Esperança. If you want to just choose one of these replays to watch, then you might want to choose this one. I think it could be the best. This match happened just yesterday. It started off terrible, but I’m confident that I actually managed to carry this one to some extent, something that people insist is impossible on Lifeweaver. And I guarantee you, a “pacifist” Weaver would have lost this match easily

Lastly, a general tip about healing charge: charge as much as you can get away with in any particular situation. The higher your charge, the higher your HPS. But always be adjusting to the overall speed of the fight. If someone’s in very immediate danger, you may want to charge less. On a tank, you can actually get away with charging to full a lot of the time