Again 1 Hanzo oneshots everyone

Devs please just do the most valuable thing for gaming community and jump off the office building. You should not exist in the gaming world. You make things worse for millions of players. You are dumb trash.

i’m done with this trash.

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You could have just uninstalled instead of making these disgusting, childish comments.

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He does have a point. Blizzard have been destroying perfectly good games for years now. It’s upsetting to watch my favourite brand dwindle into apathy when it comes to their gamers.

If the point was “I no longer enjoy this game so I’ve uninstalled”… fine, fair, good luck to you…

What they actually said, if you said that to someone IRL, police could get involved. They just embarrassed themselves. No need to get that angry over a video game.

Why not? Some people spend a lot of time playing video games and it’s part of their identity. Whats it to you? These forums aren’t good for your brain mate.

Thanks for proving my point. No need to get worked up about it. Just enjoy the game for what it is, or uninstall and move on to something else.