Again matchmaking

please how to play this game I’ve been playing here since the ow1 11 season, but probably a lot has changed and someone is probably chosen? I have several accounts from D2 to G5. there is only one that I turn on, I change them depending on who I play with… Every game is unplayable. It either contains a leaver, a new player, or a troll. And in every game, if you don’t have someone to help you, you won’t play… and no i’m not bad i can’t get out of bronze even after restarting and starting ow 2 i always got to dia… and that on the main where I only play placement and nothing else because my games in dia look terrible my enemy master tank my tank salary … HOW? … MY DPS gold ENEMY DIA HOW? … I haven’t seen a single win for 3 DAYS, it keeps spinning. Levaer / new player / troll tank / leaver / new player / player from a completely different rank / leaver / … how to play please? will someone answer me? I’m a main healer and this is simply unplayable… please tell me who is the chosen one and has a normal game. 10 losses where they completely roll over us and then one unproven win where we roll them over and then it goes on and on like that, I haven’t seen a normal game for about 3 seasons except for these two options…

I’m failing to see where match making is a problem here.

The only reason the matchmaker could be blamed, is because of the bullet hitboxes.
It’s easier to get lucky with winning as dps now.

With bigger bullets it’s easier to get elims, which means it’s easier for them to climb.
But these lucky wins don’t give the low elo dps any gamesense.

So we might have damage players in gold with silver gamesense.
It makes playing a support really difficult.

Trolling tanks and leavers are not the fault of the matchmaker.
Players with different visual ranks might still have the same invisible mmr number.

The season 9 bullet changes might be boosting some players unintentionally.
Bad luck that they end in your team.

Wellcome to the losers queue. If the game wants you to lose - you will lose.

Losers queue isn’t a thing.

The game doesn’t care if you win or lose.

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Unfortunately the game has been in this state since OW2. Matches are complete stomps, very very very rarely do you get a good match. They haven’t come up with solutions to fix the stomps when a leaver occurs either in competitive. If only they look back at OW’s matchmaker and see how that worked vs how OW2 matchmaker works, it could take them a long way to fixing the match quality.

It’s good that you’ve reported your experience, hopefully this will add to the feedback that Blizzard will review.

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