Aimbots are everywhere


Remember that cute little patch Blizzard rolled out that updated their anti-cheat and added a nice little message when your game was cancelled due to a hacker on either team?

Yeah, it took all of 2-3 days for aimbot companies to get around it. The aimbots are back and they’re smoother, more realistic and even harder to spot.

It baffles me that a company the size of Blizzard can’t defeat an aimbot dev team consisting of 1-2 people. Sure, there are bans. But it’s so inconsistent. Even internal cheats on rage settings (instant 180 flick headshots) have a shelf life of months before they are actually banned. It’s a joke.


Hacks are impiszible to keep ontop of. Tbats always been the case. As soon as one is dpotted and stopped another poos up.


To be honest, I don’t think I will recognize them, even after my hrs of experience.
Specially since there is so much damage in game.


Since the game came out I barely saw any hackers, maybe around 5 in the last few years. In the past couple of weeks I’ve seen 1 in every 3/4 games


It’s 'cause they’re a lot more accessible these days. The thing is, the public cheats that are cheap are barely noticeable. What about players who can afford $1000 - $2000 a month for the best public cheats, or top 500 streamers who have their own private cheats made for them individually? :confused:

Back in the early days aimbots had no smoothing and were instantly recognisable and probably a lot easier to detect, too.


There is no way for Blizzard to detect the usage of hacks or bots. They can only be visually assessed and judgement goes from there.


I don’t think that hacks are really that prominent. I’ve got around 100 hours of gameplay on my account and I’ve found a grand total of 1 hacker throughout my time on overwatch. They don’t come up as often as I think you’re making them out to be. Maybe some people are just having really luck days with their flicks and you’re mistaking a lot of them for hackers


Sorry but I really don’t think people are paying $2000 a month to hack in overwatch. That’s ludicrous


$2000 a month is top end prices, there are FAR cheaper alternatives available that are STILL undetected (and have been since they were released) that are not called out until GM/t500 level.


Cheating mercy must be scary. Maybe you are just meeting good players, due to screwed up rankings. In CS it was constant battle and company gave up and there were 3rd party apps which tried to deal with it, on the other hand I was top team in my country so any regular public users thought I’m cheating, when I killed 4 players on the spawn in aim training maps before they could even aim on me.