All my team called me ritard and said hes legit, are they right ?



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R word is an insult just report them all but knowning nature of mods they often only see the victim as the troll not the victim as victim, its also easy’r to punish 1 guy then a larger group that has report system advantage, not generalizing everyone to be the same but that’s how it feels, and that feeling makes me scared to even play this game in current state, cos the trolls will just mass report you even without any foundation for legit report, and it will be the victim that gets punished not the trolls and bullies.

Anyway typical case of players taking things to serious and needing to be made aware, makes me wonder how much punishment does one need to realize that its not oke to insult another, maybe should punish repeat offenders harder.


Nope, you spotted that right.