An overwatch system that rewards players based on skill instead of win loss

i mean its quite simple. they are at the rank they belong when playing casually.

That’s not the point tho

The argument is that people who want to play casually should play casual modes designed for casual gameplay, and stop ruining the competitive experience in competitive modes which were designed for serious competition.


The only people ruining any mode are those who complain.

Many ways to skin a cat. Many better players that you and I that just vibe out and do fine.

Just look at the recent game Emongg, Flats and Jay3 all uploaded on Gibraltar. All trying to win, but having a laugh along the way. None of them taking the game, or themselves seriously. And all claiming that that is how it should be done.

The only person who can ruin my games is me. Whatever happens, whatever mode I play, I have fun and chill out. Not going to sweat over it. Because that leads to people getting tilted and crying about how others don’t take it as seriously as them… Oh. no.

As far as I can see, you are labeling a complainer anyone who has any criticism toward the game, regardless of how true is the criticism. Basically, “complainers” and “blame” is your default BS counterargument to everything when you have nothing smart to say.

I don’t see how biased subjective opinion which fits your own biased subjective opinion proves anything in regard to how given specifically designed mode of game should be played.

In fact, this argument is as dumb, as trying to argue that people should ignore internal rules of a system simply on a subjective whim because “reasons” :rofl:

That’s not only an utterly dishonest assertion, but also a factually wrong one.

If your teammate/s decide to sabotage your gameplay to the point where you can’t engage with the game mechanics in any effective way, then your game is factually ruined, regardless of how you subjectivly feel about it.


If my team mate decides to afk, leave, jump off the map whatever… Then so be it. Nothing I can do to change his/her mind.

I will still just do what I do, and enjoy playing the game.

No, I’m labeling the players that sit and type moaning at team mates, or cry about things in voice as complainers. Literally no point in that behaviour. Just get on with your job, make the calls you need to make and what will be will be.

If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Plenty more matches to play.

And of you’ve got so serious sweaty try hard to the point you’re not longer enjoying playing… You’ve already lost.

Watch that match on YouTube. It is so good to see people playing to win , while laughing and smiling about the stupid things that are happening in match and on Comms. It’s exactly how playing games online should be.

Which is besides the point since your game is still ruined regardless whether you want to accept it or not, ergo your initial statement is a dishonest and fallacious nonsense.

Nope, you have a distinct tendency to run around the forum, and deflect any criticism people have by labeling them as whiners, complainers, etc., while gaslight them into believing that they are the problem when often they aren’t.

On top of that, your assertion that criticism should be ignored under the assumption that people are just whiners is the main issue of this game. Rejecting criticism leads to issues not being solved, which leads to people not understanding their own failures, and that leads to majority of the players committing same mistakes over, and over while they don’t learn how to be better.

Basically, your whole ideology of rejecting, deflecting, or ignoring criticism while paddling that vague and fallacious mantra of “just keep playing, and you are to end up where you belong” is crap.


Not really. The match result might be, potentially. But my game isn’t.

I set out with a plan, I get one with said plan. Does it make it more difficult. Probably. But it’s nice practice. Doesn’t happen often so you get a chance to try your luck.

Well, seeing as the players are the root cause of most issues. Then that’s how I’ll continue to explain it.

As per the point above… Someone throwing or leaving isn’t a game issue. It’s a player issue, a player has made that choice. Neither I or by the game can do anything there. You just report (if you can be bothered) and crack on.

Same with toxicity… The player chooses how to react to situations. If your reaction to someone having a bad game, or making a mistake is to shout and them and complain. You are the issue, not them, not the game.

You will always end up where you belong. If you think are are rank/ranks below where you should be. Prove it. Win games, climb. Or record whole sessions and show people. Otherwise, you are where you currently belong. Have fun playing games.

It is though. A ranked match aims to create a match co siting of people of similar skill. Their rank reprisent their skill level. If they then decide to take it seriously and climb then fair enough. If they don’t, then also fair enough.

The casual modes have a different ruleset my man. Give us a real unranked and this argument could have some weight.

Ah yes, they are ruining the game by being accurately ranked. Stop looking for reasons to blame other people.

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Exactly this.

If a player wants to play chill and is gold they are free to make that choice.

If they want to put the hours in, grinding, practicing and sweating over it to get to diamond then again that is their decision.

Hate people who try to ring fence people from games just because they don’t play the exact same way as them.

Maybe some just, like you hinted at, don’t care about the silly little number or shiny badge. Just want to play full matches with people. If they made QP exactly the same as ranked without SR, maybe, just maybe, Jinxter would have the start of a valid point

No, it’s not. The argument was about casuals ruining competitive experience by going against the rules of competitive, NOT whether someone deserves given rank while being casual.
Basically, you are attempting to win the initial argument, by attacking different argument which no one made which is a fallacious way of arguing.

Different rules in competitive don’t change anything since they make sense only IF there is a ranking in which people compete. Unranked mode doesn’t have ranking thus doesn’t require competitive rules, so your argument that you need unranked because of the competitive rules is just nonsense.

No one said that, so yet another strawman from you because you fail to argue the actual argument :man_shrugging:


there are no rules saying you have to take it seriously. if they aren’t actively throwing, they have just as might a right to play ranked as you do.

im a casual and smurf higher than your peak. am I ruining games on my main account because I dont care about losing? grow up you wet wipe.
people arent ruining your games, you are looking for someone to blame.

it does though. I like the competetive ruleset. I prefer longer games, playing both offence and defence. the only way I can get that experience is either skrims or ranked.
skirms take a lot of effort to organise so ranked is the only real option.

you’re objectively wrong. there is literally no reason for it to have separate rulesets.

its literally the only reason you would have a problem with it, but sure man.

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Yeah I would like to know what rule says you can’t play how you like, as long as you’re in it try and win.

This whole “casual” argument is laughable at best.

The problem is there is plenty of players who don’t care if they win or lose, a lot of them are drunk, they refuse to communicate and co-operate, they either don’t use VC or just spam. And they are getting the same amount of sr per game as ppl who try their best despite having horrible stats simply because of the lack of performance based SR.

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If they are doing that and getting the same SR as you try Harding… What’s the issue.

If they try hard too they’ll be hundreds of SR above you anyways.

They are where there skill, being chill, puts them.

If someone’s the same level messing about, as I am try harding… That just shows how bad at the game I am. Plenty to work on.

I’m 1000-1500sr above them on my main, yet I see same throwers over and over when I’m ranking up fresh accounts. “Playing chill” are u serious? They are ruining the experience for hundreds of other players! Because of those “chill” players teamplay is non existent in ladder.

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If they are actually throwing. That’s different.

Playing chill isn’t throwing.

I’ve never taken this game seriously. I just chill out, have a laugh on Comms if it’s fun, otherwise I just have some music on and vibe.

Still trying to win. Just not bothered in the slightest if the match doesn’t go my way.

Team play is less important the lower you go. Hence why people can just be chill and get on with playing their games.

Thats why a system like this would benfit players sometimes casuals want to try and win but they play with other causals, those players then rage or get toxic because they are playing with casuals. If they are rewarded for their individual skills in the same spesific game everyone would be fine with it.


Ring fencing the game is a bad bad idea.

If someone doesn’t try as hard, they won’t be as high SR. The system works quite well.

  • If you are low effort + low skill, you’ll be very low SR.

  • If you’re high effort + low skill, you’ll be somewhere in the mid to low ranks.

  • If you’re low effort + high skill, you’ll be mid to high ranks

  • And obvs high effort + high skill you’ll be high ranked.

You will always end up where you belong if you’re playing enough games.

(Obviously there are some exceptions. And Im not going to consider people actively throwing games as they are never worth considering anyways)

You are playing a competitive game while playing music in voice chat laughing for giggles and all while that may be fun for you and its okay to be causal there will be some players in your elo that don’t want to lose because you are chilling, those players want to reach higher but don’t have the mechanical skill to turn games and wipe 5 people alone, even if those players will have a kill in each team fight while surviving and won’t lose sr because you were chilling it will just benefit both parties. just because you like to have fun doesn’t mean they deserve to suffer, also this happens in master and gm as well there is always that one Lucio player laughing and chilling ruining your game there is nothing competitive about it

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I’m always trying to win.

I just don’t get overly concerned if I lose. Ill know if I’ve made a massive mistake or not.

If someone is trying their hardest, sweating their butt off and only at my rank… Then you have to ask, is it really worth getting sweaty about…