An overwatch system that rewards players based on skill instead of win loss

Hey, as i was playing comp boosting account or just having fun i found that ranking up on dia or plat accounts is sometimes impossible because of matchmaking, no matter the stats or how many kills you do unless it’s above 2 kills per min it’s mostly not winnable.
I wanted to know everyone’s opinion on this, a system that rewards players with SR based on their skills, what i mean is Kills, dmg, finale blows, aim, crit head acc, deaths, assists on tanks dmg shielded and on healers dmg healed. Winning and losing will have an effect on the amount you get but if you had really good stats compared to others you would even gain sr from losing. It solves players stuck in “elo hell” and it would solve smurfs, you wouldn’t be stuck repeating games until you get that lucky team that wants to win it would also give the game the competitive aspect it’s missing so badly atm.
Heros like moria dmg spam will only be a reliable option until some level of the game. Characters that have a low skill entry point and low skilled mastering point should not be a reliable option in GM Moria is not only because brig exists.

Pretty much what i wanted to say, i know lots of people hate smurfs but it’s not reportable second smurfs are unavoidable, even when overwatch wanted to make comp an option only at level 50 you would just get bots ranking accounts to that level so smurfs can rank them to GM, Work around the unavoidable problems instead of trying to solve them with more clutter.


Performance based SR system sounds like a good idea, I remember when it was a thing in the early days of OW and it worked really well (at least for me). Why should you lose or gain the same amount of sr if for example you tried really hard and did a lot of kills\damage\healing while your teammate just spent all game afk?! That just doesn’t seem fair.
Smurfs aren’t a big problem, at least you can learn something from them, cheaters are way worse (there are A LOT of them right now).

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The problem is that there is no good solution for group based PvP games if you want to rank people individually.

On one hand, if you rank people by whether they won or lost the game (like it’s right now), you are hurting anyone who is a good player but doesn’t have potential to carry his team. So no matter how good you are, you still get sacked if your team sucks.

On another hand, if you rank people by their personal stats you will hurt anyone who is a good team player, and has good tactical skills, but lacks when it comes to personal mechanical skills.

There is also the issue of people abandoning team play in favor of kills to boost their starts to get better ranking placement.

Long story short, there is no good solution to rank people individually in a team based game.

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“On another hand, if you rank people by their personal stats you will hurt anyone who is a good team player, and has good tactical skills, but lacks when it comes to personal mechanical skills.” - If i would take tracer for an example with good game sense but lacks aim, players with good game sense will position themself in a way that they have a way to escape and if your game sense is good enough and you have a good KD ratio and decent dmg there is no reason for you to not climb. The system will reward the winning team with SR but if your stats are horrible and you got getting you will simply get less, if you have a good team and you got carried you will get less SR because you did not work for that sr.

“There is also the issue of people abandoning team play in favor of kills to boost their starts to get better ranking placement.” - About this. You are playing tracer in Rialto and flanking getting a pick every fight while barely dying, your end stats are 13 kills 5k dmg, and 2 deaths in a 6 min game because your team forgot the word engage, tracers like this are good players getting a kill while maintaining the ability to survive and make the enemy fear of your existence should be stuck in plat. the system right now is so bad that I’ve seen windows that could match some GM widows and are stuck in plat simply because it’s a team diff.

The system will consider everything your stats, your teammate’s stats, enemy stats. Out of that who had the best stats, if it’s you on your team and some dude on the enemy you two will be rewarded with the most SR.
That’s why games like valorant and any battle royale feel competitive, you are rewarded for your skills.

Also, another thing while a lot of diamonds lack game sense in GM you have teammates most of the time making critical Voice calls helping you, its something that does not exist in Dia, i see people going in and dying while some dude on Cassidy with an insane aim is begging them to work together


Dude. You get performance based SR. If you’re not played well, you’ll struggle to climb.

It’s quite a simple but effective system.

You always end up where you belong, I will buy you more accounts to prove it if you want. You’ll always end up around the same 600sr you are now.

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I don’t get why you’re toxic about it xd.
Second, for the record, i boost to account for a living atm so yeah it bothers me the way the game is designed and how competitive is. ill have games where i finish with 29k dmg and 60+ kills 4 deaths on 13mins and lose because my rein is laughing and saying why so serious, No one can say thats its not BS


I think you lose a little credibility when you admit to selling boosting services.

But still, if you’re getting those numbers and losing, you’re not going to lose much SR, and when you do it and win you’ll gain a lot more. That’s how performance based SR works.

Plus, you can get that and not win easily. If all you do is body shoot tanks.

im losing a lot of sr because it happes mostly in placement, also i know its annoying but smurfing is a part of any game. back when winstreak was a thing people did not complain about smurfs as much as they are right now

also i know but at one point you couldnt climb by simply healing or spamming, like a healing lucio with semi good gamesense doesnt use speed tho will find their limit at a certain rank and wont climb high anymore because game sense and aim will rank up

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You won’t lose much, if any SR in placements.

I lost all 15 because I just used it to mess about on heroes I don’t play and ended up about 30sr away from where I finished on each role.

Because after playing a lot of games, I am where I should be with my current ability. It is almost like the system works…

well if you are boosting then of course it will turn into frustration .i have been playing the game on one account casually and after playing the game for 3 seasons i am where my skill has taken me to. sure you meet smurfs and what nots but ultimately the system puts you where you actually need to be .
also the game is very much a team based game that is the whole philosophy of the game . dont see it changing .

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see that’s the difference between us, you’re playing a competitive mode casually, again repeat it in your head competitive mode casually it just doesn’t go together because competitive is competitive and causal is quick to play.
Second, if you would be rewarded for having kills and good deaths per 10 and good critical hit acc you could play like the causal you are and i could try hard and we would both be okay because I’ll be getting my sr while you stay in your rank. That’s simply why the game is designed in a way that you win if you get the team that wants to win rather than the casuals.


well the difference between you and me is i am playing the game fairly while you are boosting accounts and selling them which is against the tos of overwatch .keep repeating that in your mind till your sleeping conscious wakes up.

its not gainst the tos xd, go and read the TOS and tell me where it is
also just like some get their game ruined some get wins it evens it out what i feel the best about though is causals that lose and get mad

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How is throwing ppl’s games “fair” (and yes you are soft throwing if you are not trying your best to win, since you play “casually” in COMPETITIVE), and why trying to win (doesn’t matter if the account is fresh or not) is not “fair”? Whether boosting is against tos or not was not the topic of this thread.


It’s a casualty game with a ranked mode.

If you want to sweat over a number or colour that’s fine.

If you want to just play chill and end up where you end up that’s also fine.

There is no right or wrong way to play it, as long as you’re playing to win, and enjoying your gaming time… Who cares what you do.l

They never said they weren’t trying, they said they were playing casually. Playing casually is more than fine.

Sure, if they played like a sweaty try hard they might go up a rank or 2… But is it really worth it, games are meant to be fun and enjoyed.

That only works in 1v1 games (maybe 2v2). OW is 6v6, and currently rank is controlled by win-loss conditions, so your rank placement is mostly controlled by your team performance, not by your own performance.

Repeating blindly that slogan of yours about ending up where you belong means nothing, since it has nothing to do with how OW ranking system works.

No, it’s where you were dragged to by your overall average team performance. Your rank is controlled by win-loss conditions, and whether you win or lose depends on how your entire team performs.
You can outperform your own team, but if the rest of the group screw up, you lose rank regardless of how well you played. On another hand, if you suck the whole game, but your team covered for you, then you gain rank regardless of how bad you were.

Basically, talking about personal skill in a 6v6 game (especially as a solo player) is pointless, because your personal skill isn’t that important to the overall outcome of the game.
The most important part of competitive (or any team based game) is teamwork, and that’s what that rank of you is, it’s the numerical expression of your average group performance, NOT your personal skill ranking.

In fact, teamwork is the best thing which can catapult you into higher ranks without improving much of your personal skill.


playing causally is throwing, not caring, or saying why u try so hard.
also, you’re playing competitive if you want to play causal go into quick play, go into dictionary and look up what competitive means maybe then you’ll understand that competitive mode is a competition between players, and some players simply don’t care and see it as a second quick play

You ring fence the game base on your binary definitions. And see how many of your banned accounts you can find games with…

It’s a casual game with a ranked mode labeled competitive. It isn’t meant to be life and death.

If you want to not get all sweaty about it, and not worry about the results. More power to you.

If you want to get toxic and accuse those players of throwing… do it. See where it gets you.

Personally I play to improve and win. If don’t win, I don’t really care. At the end of the day it is a video game. It doesn’t actually matter.

No, it’s a game… with casual modes, and ranked competitive mode.
You are not going to defend casuals ruining competitive with BS semantics and arbitrary definitions because you lack any substantial argument to defend your fallacious point of view.

No one says it is, so quit misrepresenting the argument in a pathetic attempt to win some ground. You lost this argument the moment you started arguing that it’s fine for casuals to do w/e they want in competitive.