Another 3 stack all hackers (aimbot + wallhack)

Here is the video, “YM8VS8” you can load it in-game (import). The name to watch is 2 players with japanese names and 3rd player playing zarya, his name: “Awesome”. all 3 are premades and all using hacks

Just a tip.

Offer the code for review… but the moment you name people the mods will slap you down. (you aren’t allowed to “name and shame”).

I usually report them once I saw the replay. Are there any instructions what we can do on top of that to report hackers? like indeed providing the code for review somewhere? Also noticed quite some cheaters in OW2 so far


Email the code (there is an email in support for reporting hacking)

Report in game

Do not name and shame

Do not engage (chat) with them

Checked the video, but I don’t see any proof that they are hacking. They die a lot, their aim is not real good. Hanzo in the end got lucky because people walk in his face.

Is this bronze or silver?

Most of the times if people are hacking, you will see the cursor snap to or in front of a target. with real high accuracy. And other strange positioning moves.

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