Another one bites the dust!


Dear Blizzard, you have a wonderfull game, i sincerely enjoy every single hero, some more than others however i’ve hit a wall, one a certain person might be proud of.

People - That is the wall i just can’t climb.

Every 2-3 games, i get a team with atleast 2 players, who wont swap, can only one trick and have no interest in playing with the team. I have been tilted in so many games because of people like this.

Why not just play Quickplay?

  • I Enjoy the settings of competative, in much higher regards than quickplay. I want to play in a team, where everyones focus on playing together for a win, rather than: “Oh this hero looks fun, lets try that”

So, i kindly ask you - Can you make a premium Overwatch ranked option? - I would gladly pay the same amount of money, as i would do in world of warcraft - but where strict rules are forced upon every single player, to ensure the goal is the same. - perhaps even add a “role queue auto system”, but where you pick 3-5 heroes you can play alongside what setup you prefer 2-2-2, 3-1-2, etc"

How to implement this? no idea - but i’ve given up on competive and im just playing whatever i want, stop focusing on what the team needs and just play what and how i feel like. Last day, i had a blast playing Torb on attack.
Inb4 “but we all pay for the game, i can play however i like” - sure you can - just stay in normal competative - but leave stupid BLEEP to that place and implement the “premium competative ladder”

Now, i’ll find another game, play symmetra and see if i can 1v1 some widows in competative… you know…for fun.

You have a great game - but holy BLEEP you are ruining it as well.

Kind regards - Tilted players all over the world


Overwatch doesn’t have a real competitive mode, and it’s highly unlikely to get one. There really isn’t much Blizzard would be willing to do to get rid of the throwers and leavers; best you can hope for is that a few of them get banned, but even then there’s always more.

The problem is that the toxicity in game is created BY the game, because it’s poorly managed, full of bad behaviour, and often subject to unbalanced patches. They need to tweak the endorsement system so that these guys get dropped out of the system rather than just building up at level one.