Arabs in Eu Server destroying Console Ps4 Gameplay

This needs to be addresses as I like many people are sick of arabs in EU comp servers. Every time there in our games they either throw , do nothing all game or just shout abuse.

This subject may not be likes but it needs to be said. Nearly every single person I play with on PS4 has negative reactions to arabs. Its not racism its not unfounded guess work. Its facts.

In the last week I have had 39 Leavers. Out of these 39 when checking there profiles 37 have been arab and the other 2 I could not confirm.

On top of this I have had around 100 throwers and 100 of these have been arab.

Now dont get me wrong others do it however the amount of people who are arab that do this is beyond a joke. I have prettt much got to the point if I hear some one speaking arabic or notice there many arab letterings in the names (3rb or KSA) I can pretty much guarantee the game is a loss or will require me doing gm healing or managing to get 6 man rein shatters every time to even have a chance.

Please give arab players there own servers on console. The whole of the EU is sick of this and there have been many topics before. This needs to be addressed or OW2 will be a disaster as no one is going to pay again for a game with the same issues just prettier and story mode

If a mod wants to close this again give an actuall reason. This thread in no way violates any of the guidelines

So u saying Muslims are pretending to cooperate with us but are actually aiming to undermine the competitive system… Like sleeper cells… Suspicious… They might be from isis better watch ur back op.

This feels somewhat xenophobic. Not going to lie.

I think the actual issue is probably very similar to those from South Africa (I have a few friends I sometimes play with from there). Their ping is so much higher (i will be sitting at 15-30… while they will be on 130-200). So it is slightly harder for them to play.

Maybe the match maker needs more weighting to the region they are in, but maybe the game can’t really tell. If so, tough, nothing we can do.