Are false reports still bannable?


How can a lucio one trick report a symmetra main for “gameplay sabotage” before the game even begins?

I have never seen redshell play anything but lucio (except switching to hammond to get to a point in the end). I have, however, seen Stevo switch to accommodate the team.

This is just the community in a nutshell tbh. “If you don’t play what i want you to play I will report you for ruining my game play experience. I can play what i want when I want though because I bought the game.”

The fact that he muted Stevo before the game started should be considered gameplay sabotage, if anything. He is refusing to work with that member of his team.

It’s a shame that such a good game is frequently ruined by the people who play it. I don’t know what people really expect the developers to do.


It’s automated, feel free to report everyone in your team for anything you want, no one will punish you for it.

Edit : I just realized after reporting over 15 people earlier for being toxic to me, no one got suspended since I got no notification upon starting the game, it’s so nice to be flamed constantly because you decide to play sym or torb…


Im still waiting for some one that wished my parents the c word to get silenced, my mum died of the c word.


Just got one of my smurf account suspended for 2 days just because I pick whatever I want, I main torb, 69% WR and 4.21kdr after almost 5 hours of ranked with him but hey, get reported for gameplay sabotage because people don’t like your pick.