Are there plans for stats?


For 2 years now I and many others have been talking about stats. So far, I haven’t heard a direct response or philosophy from a Blizzard employee on the subject.

I wish that all stats, essentially Damage, Kills, Deaths, Healing would be visible for every player, even of the enemy team.

Is it so hard to believe that I want to compare myself against others, that I want to analyze the game and my teammates?

The game is in contradiction to itself - On the one hand, it wants to be competitive, on the other hand, you put a lot of emphasis on normies, especially when it comes to character development.

I don’t know of any game where team play is as important as Overwatch. If only one person in the team is not team-capable, then you directly have the feeling you want to give up. In spite of this fact, you create a game without stats, so that you only have to concentrate on yourself. The game was well designed as it is now for Quickplay, but this system doesn’t work in ranked. For this game we need more communication possibilities, a ping system, proper stats and the private profile thing should be deleted and finally you should gradually add more skill ceiling to the individual characters.

Many say that Ultimates in this game are the problem because they are too strong. I don’t see it that way:

I think you should buff the ultimate charge of some heroes. That includes: Zenyatta, Lucio, Genji, Tracer.

Assuming Zenyatta and Lucio had “almost always” their ultimate ready. That would mean that this stupid Grav-Dragon combo or Grav-X combo in general wouldn’t always mean the next teamfight. Genji wouldn’t depend so much on his team anymore and could try less risky blades.

Okay I’ll add to the section with the Ultimates I just pulled out of my nose. But it’s not about that either, it’s simply about change. Just do it - at least that’s what the PTR is for. Why nothing happens with this game exactly at the corners where it fails? I am just disappointed.

If this game was developed for normies right from the start, why do you bother with the OWL at all? More and more pro’s are running out of air and you just stand there and look at us like cars and don’t even talk.

Finally start working with the community. Talk to the people who play this game all day long for 10 hours plus and not with the normies who play 1 hour at noon and are happy that something like brigitte exists, only because they don’t want to get crushed by a tracer who has practiced 1000 hours.

Make this game rewarding for us, those who tryhard every day to improve.


Talk to the people who play this game all day long for 10 hours plus and not with the normies who play 1 hour at noon

The whole reason the game is in such a terrible state in the first place is because Blizzard is obsessed with the opinions of the people they pay to play the game. Let me say this: their opinions mean less than nothing, not only because they are playing a game vastly different than the rest of us, but also because they have routinely shown that they only care about themselves to the detriment of the rest of the community.

The reason that there is no stat listing for your teammates is because that would vastly increase the amount of toxicity in the game. Given that Blizzard hasn’t created any system to successfully mitigate bad behaviour it’d be terrible to create a system that adds to the problem. People are bad enough with meaningless gold medals.


The only stats i care for are win rates per map per hero on each map so i can optimise my hero pool, until then you better off just one tricking, no point in playing right now tho, terrible ranked experience and matchmaking experience due lack of role queue and role based SR and MMR


Will be nice if they collected stats on how many % of games a hero takes place it.
And now just the % pick he has vs other heroes.
That way it will be much clear on whats getting abused.
And im sure that they do collect that, but they just don’t make it public.
Like their current players count… And mainly the player count for each region.
Since i’m 100% sure that EU is just flat out dead compared to US and KR.

And dmg kills (scoreboard) etc wont ever happen since this game wants to appeal to casual players only. Who cares if you have a bad player that players a hero he can’t. You can’t see or point that out.
They don’t even have an option to hide profiles only from the other team and not yours. So unless you want your best picks shown to everyone you must hide everything.


What stats? Everything is private now.