"are you going up or down?"

This is disturbing. I can’t just play my (low Bronze) ranked games in peace.

Next to leavers and your usual smurfs outisde my rank on the one or the other side, I now meet people who ask in chat at beginning of the match “up or down?”. … when nobody gives an answer and you keep an eye open, they are charging in and dying, alone. Again and again. When you meet them a few games later and someone answers “up” in their team, they play like hell, are on fire within a minute and stay that way.

I don’t know whats going on. This ranked games are more roulette now than ever.

This is typical at any rank really, i know its not good, but it will happen.

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“at any rank”? … wow, I thought that maybe players of higher ranks/skill are more sticking to the code, … you know, like “a wizard should know better”.

Just focus on improving your own play.

Sadly there are games you just cannot win. But if you improve you will climb without ever worrying about SR or rank.

que with like-minded people. Will reduce the chance of throwers on your team at least.