Audio stutter in-game


So launched Overwatch today after maybe a week without playing. Joined a game and started to notice audio stuttering. All sound will be gone for 1 sec and then everything comes back. this happens randomly and with various time interval inbetween stutters. This only happens in Overwatch.
I have not changed any settings or gear, no new drivers have been installed (manually at least).

I am using a Logitech G633 headsett.

PS: yesterday i played It Takes Two local splitscreen, therefore I plugged in some speakers (and disconnected them after use). Don’t know if this has anything to do with it since it is only in-game audio issues.

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It could be that hooking up the speakers altered you Sound settings in Windows.
Can you try working through the steps here please.

Didn’t work.

Have tried ‘Scan & repair’ in the battle desktop app.
Have made sure the headset is selected as audio output in both windows and in the game.

the only thing that has seemed to fix the problem is to wait and it fixes itself after several times off turning the pc on/off, or plugging the speakers in again (but not using them)

PS: could it be because i have the option “Sound plays while in background: OFF” ? (However i have tried with it on also and it didn’t do antyhing but maybe its a known problem? i dunno)


Had similar audio issues only during games. Scan and repair didn’t work. I messed with the audio settings in game and through the battle net app. Idk what worked but here’s the settings I have now
Through the battlenet app under “voice chat”:
output is my nvidia card everything else default
In game:
playback device is realtek audio 2nd output
spatial audio set to system settings
audio mix set to headphones

Again not sure what fixed it but hope this helps