"Avoid completely" would be great

We can “Avoid as teammate” if a player in the same team is annoying, throwing or nasty in any way. But it would be more useful to “avoid player” completely, both as teammate and opponent. That way we can prevent ending up in the same game as obvious smurfs, down-ranking bots and other players that ruin games.

That would eventually make smurfs queues very long as well, making them bored and to stop smurfing.

However, I’m sure that there would be quite a bit of “collateral damage”, I just like the idea to bore the s**t out of lame smurfs. I also doubt that Blizzard would make such a change, minding how much they have copied from Apex Legends.

Overwatch is basically a new smurf heaven, and I think Blizzard realized how much money there is from not just allowing smurfs, but also feeding them lowbies to make them enjoy OW2 and stay.

Just me thinking loud here :slight_smile:

In most cases it works in that way anyways . They become a last resort for the enemy in the match maker. So if you’ve come across them again, they are the only one available in the queue at your MMR

You can just feel smug beating them in to the ground.

Most smurfs do it because the queues on their main are insane and they just want some quicker, more chill games.

In the ranks I assume you are playing in, there are too many players for queues to really be impacted in any noticeable way.