Avoid hero team for comp option please`

Please let me avoid a hero type from teaming with me. Widow and moira are useless heros on defense. Blizzard are not competent enough of understanding their own game. Its very simple game with low skill cap and I need to avoid heros.

people who duo or team will have less chance queuing with this useless hero type it is not fair.

I’m not sure who that would be possible. Only way would be to introduce hero bans.

Also, Moira is one of the best supports right now. And widow is always good if the player can land shots.

No hero is useless, only the individual controlling it can be useless at playing the hero.
But minding your struggle, I take it that you are in bronze-gold brackets?
Because there you do find a few less valuable contributions when it comes to Widows, Hanzos and Ashes.

And stating that Moira is useless in defense, only shows the real reason to your struggle, namely basic game knowledge.

Silly, silly comment. Of course they are, but unfortunately, the game doesn’t come with a guide in aiming.