Avoiding people after the game



I would be so happy if Blizzard could increase the amount of players you can avoid when you play comp.

whenever you decide to play about 10 games in one day or so, it is always the case that you need atleast 10 players that you want to avoid.


You could also just switch them out so the ones who you just played with won’t be in your game.


Yes. I know that this is possible, but what happends when I play 2 hours in a row and need to avoid so many people?

I need a bigger list.


I play like 7 games per day, usualy even more and i dont need to avoid anyone. Maybe you are just not nice to people so they are not nice back. I just dont see reason for avoiding so many people. Thats insane.


You don’t, the chance that someone is on your team when you’ve matches with them is already 50%. The chance that you’ll play with the same people on your team is already extremely low, add to this how match lengths are and there is honestly no reason to avoid someone anymore after you’ve played a match without them