Banned For No Reason

I have been banned on my account for literally no reason I was not hacking or bullying anyone and I wasn’t cheating in any way I was just playing the game just like everyone else.

then make a ticket and contact customer service to appeal the ban . forums moderators dont have access to bans and wont be able to help you.

First time, i got at least 5 accounts banned for no reason

Greetings sigmanz,

Rosepetal is right here - if you feel the penalty is not appropiate and you wish to appeal it, please send a ticket and a Game Master will reinvestigate it.

Please note that any given penalty can only be appealed once! If the appeal is rejected the penalty is considered final.

I feel like this is also missing a lot of information.

  1. What did they say you were banned for
  2. How long is the ban

Start with those.

“no reason” is incorrect.

If you’ve got 5 banned… Means you are probably show a consistent level of annoying/disruptive behaviour.

There is a distinct lack of personal responsibility going on here…

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A lot of times i get some accounts banned cuz ppl think boosting is reportable so nu its for no reason

My main account got hacked and the hacker banned it due to cheats and support didnt really care about it, kinda annoying

Oh. Yeah boosting is bannable. So that is that mystery solved. You should have figured that out if you’ve had multiple account banned for it.

And if it is down to reports… Then look at the lone in the ToS that states what is acceptable behaviour is down to what we report. So you can report people for anything you deem unacceptable. But, it requires a lot of people to report for them to look at it. If that’s happened to on 5 accounts, you’d of had around 20 separate warnings and suspensions before accounts closed. If you can’t learn in that time… Then that is 100% on you.

As for the hacked account. That’s an unlucky and go again situation. Nothing anyone can do, if it is true. (seen cheaters use that excuse far too many times after they get caught over the years though).

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again a causal thinking its banable to smurf, go and read tos and tell me where its written also i didnt say perma just banned once like voicechat banned.

you know whats funny more people report me on quick play for smurfing then on comp, one casual reaper main said that boosting is smurfing is bannable and the herd followed thinking it acutally is

It isn’t bannable to play on multiple accounts.

Smurfing is actually bannable. But most people think just having another account is smurfing…
Which it isn’t, but that a whole different discussion.

As for you, you’ve said you’re boosting. That is bannable. Simple as.

Your quick play tale doesn’t surprise me. Leveling a new account recently I have realised QP is more full of people tryharding and getting toxic. Ranked is surprisingly more chill.

You could be getting caught up in the “cheating” rules by account boosting…
“Exploiting other players is an equally serious offense. Scamming, account sharing, win-trading, and anything else that may degrade the gaming experience for other players will receive harsh penalties.”

Me personally, I don’t really care. You do you, doesn’t really impact my games. But you can’t cry when you get caught.

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i mean just good like aim what can i do, but exploting other players in an equally serious offense tf that means, not to mention its quick play not my fault game cant give me good players
win trading qp btw kekw

It is literally impossible to smurf in QP. So I wouldn’t worry about it.

Trolling and hacking are pretty much the only reportable actions in QP.

Everything else is fair game and have fun.