Banned for switching from console to pc?

Back in the early days of overwatch 1 i used to xim at the time it was not bannable just highly looked down upon so i know how to play overwatch on a keyboard and mouse i was winning actaully everygame and i just get banned out of nowhere in one of my games i assume it was a mass report but i was just trying to play so i could play comp and play in some difficult games?

Cheater gets banned eventually and posts about it.

I say tough luck.

ximming 5 years ago was not cheating and i dont do that no more how is it tough luck

Ximming has always been cheating, they just had no way of tracking it.

Now you’ve been caught.

No i have not been caught i stopped playing years ago and now i come back ON PC and get banned how does that make sense? i just want to know if it was mass report or what

If linked your accounts, the ban is an account ban.

If you haven’t and it’s a fresh account, people smurfing in new lobbies get banned pretty sharply too.

Either way. I wouldn’t get upset about it.

Take the proper appeal steps. Or start again. Talking about it here won’t help you.

thats completly fair. account is not linked i dont have it no more

and as much as i have seen is it just impossible for me to play the game. i either dont try in my games and get placed low rank so then im just bullying new players or i try then get placed in a rank i deserve and i get banned for it thanks for the replies pal have a good one

Just take it as finally getting what you deserve for ximming and go play another game.

The device “xiim” may have been bannable. But using official licensed keyboard and mouse with your console was never a bannable.

Mouse and keyboard has never been “allowed” on console OW.

That’s incorrect. It has ALWAYS been allowed. I literally bought my PS4 “Overwatch Edition” bundle with the official Hori TAC 4 keyboard and mouse, and there’s in game settings for it and everything.

From an article about ximming

“In 2017, Jeff Kaplan, the former game director, addressed these concerns via a forum. He stated, “The Overwatch team objects to the use of mouse and keyboard on console. We’ve contacted both first-party console manufacturers and expressed our concerns about the use of these peripherals and input conversion devices.””

They’ve always viewed it as cheating

Like I said, I literally bought the Overwatch PS4 bundle that had Hori TAC 4 keyboard and mouse included. And when I plug it in, I get in game settings for it. That would make no sense if it’s considered cheating.

Interesting that you also cut out the bottom half of what Jeff said in that post, which was:


Openly and easily support mouse and keyboard for ALL players

I encourage you to reach out to the hardware manufacturers and express your concerns (but please do so in a productive and respectful way).

Which they did by having full support for Hori TAC 4 keyboard and mouse, which is an officially licensed and supported playstation product.

And yet they hated it then, and now they have a way to track it, they are banning it.

They’ve always hated it.

Also that Hori TAC 4 bundle isn’t official or allowed for OW. Just because Sony allowed to work on their consoles, as some games allow it. OW has always viewed it as cheating.

You seem to have confused working on a console, for being allowed in a game. If the game can’t tell… sure, you can technically use it. But you are cheating/

here to help you and end this conversation
“The Tactical Assault Commander (TAC) Mechanical Keypad for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and PC will take your game to a whole new level! Designed to give you a PC-style gameplay experience on PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 for titles with native keyboard & mouse compatibility

Overwatch doesn’t support native keyboard & mouse on console… thus using such devices is cheating.

You seem to read what you want, cut half quotes and selectively respond. makes me feel like you’re an actual forum troll. I will not be taking this bait. You have been proven wrong. That’s it. Bye.

I return you to this information.