Banned for using a VPN

I know it is not your fault and it is automated but like, i didnt know this earlier ? like i had something with my vc not working and someone suggested me to use a vpn so it might work but, so i simply enabled the VPN and tried logging in it said that my account is locked due to suspicious activity, I am lost at this point and i dont know what to do.

Many popular services blacklist well known VPN servers because VPNs are often used by hackers to hide their identities. It isn’t only Blizzard.

Blizzard locked your account probably to protect it from hackers. Contact their support.

I tried going to the support page and i have no idea how to submit a web ticket, can’t i just email them ?

Fortunately I never had to contact them but by googling “how to contact blizzard support” I could easily find this: Contact Support - Blizzard Support

Note: they seem to have a DIY account recovery link on the right side. Might worth a try.

That’s what I have tried, they all require a web ticket.

This usually happens because of the Blizzard security system. It detects a login out of the ordinary, so it locks the account to prevent unauthorized logins.

Usually you can unlock it just resetting your Blizzard account’s password.

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Thank you so much sir, didn’t know it is that simple