Basti needs a rework

Hello, guys

Seems like you don’t have time for it now, but I think I got a cool idea. It’s about basti. Since nobody plays him for fun (in ranked especially) he needs a nerf, but a good one…
My idea is:

  • Increase his turret speed
  • Increase ammo (to about 500 or something)
  • BUT make it deals about 4-6 dmg per bullet

It nearly won’t damage armor, so he WOULD be countered by tanks (such as dva) but he still be deadly for dpss.

I really want to know what other gamers and dev team thinks about it.

Bastion is fine. Low pick rate is not a bug that requires fixing, not all heroes are going to be played equally. What matters is that Bastion is fun to Bastion players, which it is for me.

It certainly doesn’t need these insane buffs, 99% of the reason people can’t play Bastion is because they see its turret mode and decide that they should stand still in the open.

I agree he is technically fine, and good in niche situations. (Which is how all the DPS heros should be, any time you see one hero being played all the time, there is an issue).

I think they could give him a small rework to make him more engaging to play without changing his power levels.

Something that means he spends more time running about than sitting in turret form in a bunker (maybe put turret form on a meter like (defence matrix). Probably a few other tweaks too.

He’s engaging already, if you personally don’t enjoy him that isn’t a problem. I don’t like playing McCree, that doesn’t mean we need to rework him.

Bastion is defined by his sacrifice of mobility for damage. Making him more mobile would be like giving Genji 600HP.

I love playing Bastion. He is probably my favourite hero in the game.

I just think he needs a change so you don’t have people thinking sitting there in a bunker is a good plan.

Mainly because bunker comps are boring to play, and even more boring to play against.

Hopefully double shield will get pushed to one side eventually, so having him as a more mobile option makes a little sense.

I just think he needs a change so you don’t have people thinking sitting there in a bunker is a good plan.

People playing badly is not a bug you can fix. Removing Rein’s charge would stop people doing it at bad times, but it would also make the character worse.

Never said doing that was playing badly. Just an easy way to get value from him.

I’d just like him to have more variety to his play style.

Then again, no point having ideas because you will always come along trolling and stomping on suggestions that don’t match your idea for the game.

Can you now refrain from commenting on my posts? Thanks troll.

Any pushback on what you say is “trolling”? Guess you’re back at it again.

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