Blizzard! Can’t you make Competitive rewarding?!? Take my money

Hey guys!

My first post, I know a lot of this has been said before but I needed to rant - so bring on the stupid comments. I’ve played about 898 hours of competitive since launch, I had a long gap after Season 5 and just returned towards the end of last season.

I’ve been having a string of bad games in the past few days, I managed to climb/been carried up to 3300 SR, I was so happy Saturday after fighting up and down between 3023 SR to 3300 SR then Sunday/Monday I’ve managed to lose all the SR I gained and more - now I’m back into 2900 SR bracket feeling miserable about the game all over again, it’s just a cycle of bad experiences.

I play the main tank and off-tank, I watch Twitch and YouTube all the time but I’m constantly losing even when I think I’m holding the line/performing well/using good positional play and getting frags where needed, I try to stay positive and call out picks/give advice and not be rude to others but nothing seems to help (I’m not perfect I’ll admit sometimes I’ve been a bit toxic but very very rarely).

It’s just so demoralising. Just a few moments ago I dropped down to 2900 SR, so in 2 days lost over 400 SR. What confuses the hell outa me the most is I get told I’ve been moved down to a lower skill bracket - to then go up 2 - 3500 SR duo tanks and a full well-coordinated team of Diamond players - My team included 4 Diamonds/Me as Plat and an Unranked dude. How on earth does that work?

It’s like you want people to quit your game Blizzard and not pay you money - the more I play solo queue the more I lose. The only way I’ve actively managed to gain successfully these days is in duo/groups or get a flukey run of good luck with groups and teamwork or just play out of this world.

The thing is I love playing Overwatch, I make excuses all the time to play it but honestly, the only way I see the possibility to do well/learn as a main/off tank is to pay to play with someone. All my friends have quit and there seems impossible to make friends and I can’t find people looking for groups. I find when you have a DPS/Healer/Tank combo it’s so much more reliable.

So my main question to you Blizzard can’t you figure out a monthly fee paid for by Debit/Credit Card and monetise the game for you to clean up this matchmaking/listen to your fan base and make it so it’s possible to play solo queue and not go up against teams all the time. You could give a % of this fee to the Top 500 people based on how active they are and their performance each season, instead of spending money on Summer of Music YouTube videos.

If they ever are found smurfing they will forfeit any chance of getting any %, with an instant ban and have to work there way up the ranks again, any real Overwatch fan values there Account. I want to fight against people in a fair situation not come up against co-ordinated teams all the time or smurfs grouping together.

This game has no reward for playing competitive, the more I play the less SR I gain, whereas I look at other peoples profiles and they play 5/10 games a season and are sitting in 3500 SR-3800 SR bracket for the last 8 seasons with hardly any activity. Most of the 3500 SR people I’ve had on my team with hardly any played team just get owned and then its another loss, I check back and look at some of these profiles and they always start off at 3500 SR or higher, then every season they drop down to 3100 or lower, then they’re back to 3500 SR the next season. It’s cool though because next Season there’ll play their placements and be back in 3500 SR again and I’ll get them when I’m trying to get there and count another loss.

I know guys I’ve got to “git gud”, this idea has flaws in it and Blizzard doesn’t care. Like seriously I’ll Pre-Order Overwatch 2 now if you just sort out the Solo Queue or Duo/Solo Queue system and so I can pick to play with people with comms.

Sadly. You are experiencing what pretty much everyone does playing they game.

Most matches are just lucky dip and you just have to grind it out and hope for the best.

What most people find is if they just focus on their gameplay, have fun and try their best to win then you will win more. But more importantly you are having fun.

People get anxious about rank/SR because they’ve put it up on some pedestal like it is something important. Blizzard have never given anyone a reason to think it is important. So just focus on doing your thing, and enjoying playing the game.

The rest will just happen if happens.

Jeff: I’ll say something even more controversial. I wish we would’ve never added any cosmetic items to Competitive. I think the people playing Competitive should only be there because they really care about playing in Competitive mode, and they want to rise through the tiers – that’s who I think belongs in Competitive. I don’t think we should overly incentivize players because of cosmetic rewards into the system any more than we already have to the point where if we could do the Men In Black thing and make everybody forget and we would come out with Overwatch again and literally wouldn’t add any cosmetic rewards to the system, so it’s tricky because we get asked the question a lot. Now, that doesn’t mean that all the cool stuff that we have ideas for couldn’t be given out to players in other ways, so it’s not like we’re just not going to make it, like “Haha we’re taking out football and game over” – it’s more that I would love to give it out in a way where it doesn’t encourage players to be in Competitive mode who don’t want to be there. I think it really takes a really special mindset to be in Competitive, and I think a lot of the problems that we see are players who really don’t want to, or belong there, spending more time than they should there.

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