Bots in comp games

I dont know how long this issue had been going on, but ive had two games where my team was entirely bots. It’s so annoying because it just turns into a 1v5. Is Blizzards going to fix this?

You will get games like that. But! The other team has just as much of a chance of having lower ranked teammates.
But please…remain from calling them bots…they are humans just like you and they are trying their best…belittling them wont help them achieve anything.

In many cases, that’s not true.
There are loads of bots, sometimes entire teams.

Report them every time as “Cheating” —> “De-ranking / Boosting”.
And leave a comment about the game, and why you believe that they are bots.

I do it every time, and I get many messages from Blizzard, thanking me for reporting them, and that actions have been taken.

Don’t be lazy and just ignore them, because next time you play against them, they real players will be playing them, and you will be so bullied that you can’t even get out of spawn.

Sorry. Im gonna have to disagree here. There are no in-game bots, minus the AI matches witch you choose to queue into.

The sad reality is that some people just dont know how to play fps games. Its not their fault, its just not easy for them. I have proof of this, my best friend loves the game but has no clue how to play. He just ‘see da thing and shoot thing’ and that makes him fulfilled in the game. He dont care about dying and will walk into a straight line to his doom - and he is very much real! Some people just play like this because they are having fun and are unaware of what they are doing. Please stop reporting them, the game will discredit you when you actually report someone cheating/being horrible and will suspend some of these inexperianced players accounts when all they were doing was having fun.

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There aren’t.

On VERY rare occasions, some wemp will control 5 accounts to derank and sell. But that is very very very rare.

But it’s still human control. No bots.

Not rare in low gold/silver/bronze at all. Just today I’ve had 3 games, default skin/icon tracers, run out of spawn, stand still, die, repeat. Had 2 last time I played. Not so many last season, but the one before that I had about a week of games where one or multiple would show up. The teams are very obvious as they all stop at the same time.

Two codes from just now, tracer both games.


They are deranking/ trolling, not bots

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I dont care if they are bots or deranking humans. Blizzard need to get their act into gear and do something or they can keep driving more people away - which is the reason they have bots or allow human derankers in the first place.

Report them. They get banned pretty quickly.