Bots replacing Teammates

There’s a mechanic in CSGO where if your Teammate leaves in competitive, a bot takes their place and if you die that round and the bot hasn’t died yet, you can play as the bot. So the game is still a 5v5. I think this would be a great mechanic for Overwatch. Obviously you wouldn’t be able to play as the bot but it would help. For example, Tanks could be Orisa or Roadhog, Damage could be Soldier or McCree, and Support could be Lucio or Mercy. It’s very difficult to win a 5v6, and it’s not my fault that my teammate leaves, so I don’t understand why I essentially get an instant loss. Like if a healer leaves, a Bot Lucio would be really useful because at least you’re still getting heals. A lot of times my team wins a round and then my teammate leaves, even though we are winning. I think this mechanic would be smart, that way you are still fighting a 6v6. I also don’t think the Bot would be feeding either. The bots already have difficulty settings, The Bot should be Easy for Bronze/Silver, then Medium for Gold/Plat, then Hard for Diamond+. It’s always nice to have even numbers and not be outnumbered no matter what.

If you have ever played with the bots in vs AI mode… You know that would be a terrible idea for OW.

Sadly, they would require a lot more coding, and that is time and resources better spent elsewhere.