Brig V Lucio V Zens

Brig’s Ult
Whos is the best for shielding damage from the other/opposite team?

The best ult over all is Brigs.

For that specific example… if they dont have Ana. It is Zen. If the do, either of Lucio or Brig work just as well.

you shouldn’t be playing an off healer to provide healing/damage mitigation. or i should say, that shouldn’t the factor defining your choice.
you choose based on their utility and therefore it depends on the comp you’re running.

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lucios deal with short term high spike damage.
brigs deal with long term low damage.
zen deals with medium damage over medium time.

as for characteristics lucio is the fastest and probably the most survivable and is reasonably lethal and have good utility.
zen is the most lethal but really not survivable and lacks some utility but trades up lethality for it.
brig is pretty survivable but has lower damage than the other 2 but has excellent utility but because she has excellent utility but takes work to make the utility worth having over simply better kill character.

as for who to pick? it doesn’t really matter unless you’re in higher ranks where team synergy or how to deal with the enemies pressure starts to matter.

but with that said a really well played character is allways the best option because skills and teamwork do beat meta.

Send is easily the worst it can be completely negated by nade and he can be CC’d away fairly easily by things like whole hog. Brigs and Lucio depends. Beat is a great counter ult to Things like grav and sigma ult and brigs is a great ult to go into a fight with.