Broken MM: I'm stuck because I'm setup to be stuck

It’s very, very obvious.
I win several games in a row, and I even carry some games.
But after a few wins in a row, it’s very clear that I’m being setup in a situation where I cannot possibly win.
I now played 3 games in a row after my win streak.
In all three games, I had 3 or 4 bots of the worst kind.

Don’t reply with some BS like; “Maybe it wasn’t bots, but new players or players with poor skills, and you are in the rank where you are suppose to be.”

You know how easy it is to spot bots, and I just had full team of bots several games in a row. PLUS the other team where all of a sudden very skilled, where some even admitted to be smurfing.

This game is simply unplayable once your account is being hard locked to bronze/silver.

And my explanation for it, is that the MM system needs to do that to maintain balanced population in all ranks.

A win streak means your mmr goes up, which matches you with more skilled opponents.

If you were against smurfs, that just means your and their current mmrs matched closely enough.

Can’t say anything concrete about your teammates, but they too could have been victims of win streaks and thus ended up in too high an mmr for them. Like you did.

I think you missed an important part of my post. So, please read carefully again.

You see, I played this game since the very launch of OW1, for a total of 1992 hours, so don’t insinuate that I can’t tell the difference from a real player and a bot, any skill level.

If I say that I played with 4 bots on my team, be assured that I played with 4 bots on my team.

I love the game, but I hate the obvious support of smurfing and live streaming bullies, getting hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube and Twitch, for wiping entire bronze teams, solo.


Have you a code to the bot game - out of interest.
I have only had one bot game I believe, and I observed this as the two DPS moved, jumped at the same time. Whenever they respawned, there was a delay before they would proceed again.

They didn’t do no real damage, just fed. I am unsure how they even got into the Dia competitive, typically they land in my team, it did feel like a setup, as do the leavers and AFKers I get.