Buff Certain characters etc IMO

Lucio: slighty do more healing
Mercy: allow her to cancel it and the timer starts from cancel
Torbjorn: hopefully they give him a buff with his kit
Ashe: Just her reload make it slightly faster
Winston: buff winston damage he does took weak
Doomfist: Way too weak and needs to rely on perfect cooldown hits
Dva: shes just not it.

If lucio heals more, it’s impossible to kill anyone. He’s there for base upkeep, not to pocket heal anyone.

Are you talking about ressurect here with mercy? People want that ability gone anyway.
If you’re talking about ga, then i see no problem. You can fly through an entire match if you want to, never touching the ground with the cooldown it has now.

Torbjorn’s rate of fire will be increased, not sure about other details.

Ashe’s reload is fast, you just need to remember to reload before you run out of bullets and it’s not a problem.

Winston is meta right now, if he’s given more damage he will be oppressive and op.

Doomfist is a high skill character. If you know how he works he’s nigh unkillable and will just keep deleting the enemy team without issue.

Dva is perfectly fine right now. On metal ranks she’s a good choise in several maps and comps (not all, but that would be dumb). The matrix eats projectile ults and abilities, you can dash people off ledges and disrupt some abilities.
The only thing the devs could feasibly do to her is add one or two points of damage to missiles or primary fire, anything else risks her being op.

With mercy I was referring to her dash when she dashes or grips onto people
Winston shouldnt be meta he has garbage damage the only reaosn hes good is because he can jump onto squishys

torb should be buffed so should ashe and so should doomfist they shouldnt be buffed alot but buffed enough to make a viable change to the game.

Torb can basically oneshot you across the map with his gun right now. It does insane damage on headshots and those aren’t even that hard to land. And he is getting at least a firerate buff.

Doomfist is a high skill hero. If you face a doomfist main even on plat level, he will destroy even orisa who was meant as a hard counter to him at one point. Buffing him even a little is a grave mistake.

Jumping onto squishies is part of winston’s kit and damage abilities. Relying solely on the tesla cannon is foolish as you’re not utilising his kit fully. On lower ranks he’s super good at just leaping at snipers and deleting them, he’s not meant to be a tank buster.

Mercy can’t grip people, with guardian angel cooldown as it is you can literally permanently fly over any battle field or air duel a pharah even without ulting. It just takes practise.

Lifeweaver lifegrip is tricky however. If you could cancel it midway then people would use it to pull their team into pits. Better you can’t cancel it yourself and it goes through as meant to.

all i ask is to bring back dps doomfist

Ashe reloads really quickly after a kill. Mercy being able to cancel res would be broken, it’s already a pretty boosted ability imo. And that’s coming from someone who plays a lot of Mercy. Part of playing her well is being able to pull off your revives. Torb definitely does not need a buff.

Just let me Block sleep darts with doomfists E and I am good. I don’t see anything else that stops me if I play with brains. (Well except for me messing up my cooldowns and not planning ahead where I jump and misposition)