Building a Team (Gold/Plat)



Me and a few of my friends are hoping to find some new people to play competitive with regularly. Most of us are low diamond players, but prefer playing on our plat accounts as its less stressful. :sweat_smile:

We are looking for a few people so we can 6 stack more often, we usually flex so we are interested in people that mostly stick with a single role (especially interested in a star DPS that can play with a variety of heroes/styles to a high standard).

I have recently started streaming on Twitch under Hangman2TW. Watch the stream if your not sure about joining / if you also stream we can help each other grow.

To note, we require English speakers with a Mic. We play most evenings in UTC (UK) time, or as much as we can on weekends. We like winning and want to climb to diamond, but having a good time doing it is more important.

We play with a variety of people; Male/Female, 16 - 30, silver to diamond.
There is no discrimination here :+1:

Add/Message: GreyFoxCritical


Not looking for a Moira with over 40+ hours of experience in this season are you? Iā€™m from the UK.