Can sombra get some buffs?


I like sombra and the inflirator style she has but i have a hard time seeing in just what sceniario she is better to pick rather than any other dps.

Stealth can be detected and every action requies stealth to go away before it can be performed. Hack can be interrupted by taking any amount of damage and her main gun feels weak unless you manage to push the whole magazine into someone.

I would like to ask for the following changes to happen to make her better at her role (not necessearly all of them):

Machine pistol:

Either increase the damage to 4 but decrease the magsize to 40
Increase the accuracy of the pistols

(both changes would make her better at taking out wounded heroes and offer more support for his team)

Let her hack while taking damage
Increase movement speed when hack was broken

(again these changes would either make her efforts more valuable or would make leaving sticky situations faster)

Either remove the stealth exit to action delay completely
When detected you dont lose stealth completely just become blurry visible for 2 seconds
(preferably i would put in both as stealth currently feels like you are wasting your oppurtunities by moving with it)

Trasnlocator is fine.


I think Sombra’s main problem is her dps. She’s a Damage hero who doesn’t deal much damage.

Her gun puts out anywhere between 144-480 damage per magazine (without headshots) but that’s only if every single bullet hits, which isn’t likely to happen unless you’re shooting a Tank.

Added to that, her Hack doesn’t really do anything except put her enemy on the same level as her. Sombra doesn’t have damage abilities so she relies on her gun for dps; she hacks an enemy and they can’t use abilities for damage. But if the enemy is McCree or Widowmaker or some other hero with more dps than Sombra, she’ll still get destroyed unless she kills them quickly, which isn’t easy unless they’re already low.

It’s a damn shame because I have so much fun playing Sombra. I love getting a clutch Hack to shut down an enemy ultimate. I love dropping an EMP on a clumped up enemy team and watching my own team destroy them. I love sneaking behind an enemy using stealth, spamming “Boop” and watching them shoot everywhere trying to hit me (then spamming “Aw, isn’t that sweet?” to rub it in).


No. No one wants to play against sombra, no one wants sombra to get a better pickrate. She is sure fun to play, but not fun to face and similar to brig you don’t have to put effort to just destroy something that requires a lot of effort to pull of. Therefore everyone is happy that sombra isn’t that pickable.

Sombra is not a damage hero, she is a hard counter, she can be a flaker, she can create space, she is the best scout, she does well with semi dive and she can be better at peeling than an off tank. In a few words anything but a damage character (zen for example fits teh dps role much better).

Hack is one of the most overpowered abilities in the game right now close to antinade and speed amp, offering an insane amount of utility.
And I thought people beggin to understanding how the game works at 600 lvl +.

Thats pretty fun I do that as well.


Sombra is one of these heroes where im am glad they are trash, Hack is way too good, no buffs needed


I’m not happy about it, so that’s false. Yes, I even enjoy playing against Sombras-I can switch to Moira and send orbs after them when they try to run away (or to Winston and just pancake them). Plus, more Sombras means less Bastions, which I’m all for.

What I meant is that Sombra can’t take full advantage of a Hack on her own. If her team capitalizes on a well-placed Hack, that’s a different matter entirely. (Sorry, should have phrased it better.)


Hack even if we employ both of these changes will still be a medicore skill. Literally anybody with half decent aim and a half brain can survive after a hack and if the sombra is still close she just gets obliterated.

Literally the biggest achievement with hack is turning off a bastion or a rein shield, for everybody else its almost nothing.


I mean, it does have other uses, but only against specific characters.

Bastion: We already know: forces him out of Sentry Mode and stops him self-healing. Upon seeing a Bastion on the enemy team, I automatically go back to spawn and switch to Sombra to make that Bastion’s life as annoying as possible.
Doomfist: Shuts down his mobility and most of his damage (as well as nullifying his trait because he only gets shields from ability damage).
Pharah: Grounds her and makes her an easy target.
Tracer/Genji: Strips their mobility and turns them into easy kills.
Reinhardt/Brigitte: Forces the shield to drop and leaves them unable to do anything other than hit stuff. (I do think that Hack should cut off Inspire’s healing though.)
Lucio: Shuts down his ability to help his team in any way other than occasional damage. (I’m still disappointed that she doesn’t hack his speakers to play La Cucaracha though.)
D.Va/Wrecking Ball/Roadhog: Turns them into a feast of ult charge for your team.

I wish Hack was more useful against more characters because it feels like too much of a niche ability.
Maybe if Hack also reduced healing received by a quarter? No. Even I can admit that’d be overpowered.

  • nerf hack & emp charge rate
  • reduce the max spread of her gun & reduce the cooldown of the translocator.


Yeah it feels too niche, in too many sceniarios. Thats why i suggested the hack while taking damage and speedbuff after unsuccessful hack change, even if it doesnt make hack more useful it would be atleast in a better position.

I might be wrong here but you can still heal/speedboost your team when you are hacked.

Also just a a question but do you think that hacking throught barriers would be too much of a buff?


No; Lucio’s music gets switched off when Sombra Hacks him now. It was put in a patch a few months ago-there’s even a small meme about it.

And yes, Hacking through barriers would be OP. Her EMP shuts down barriers anyway. I just wish Hack was more versatile is all. Maybe if it caused enemy shield health (like Zarya’s or Zenyatta’s) to take more damage from her gun? That’d be interesting.


Ohh nice to know. Gotta check the patch notes more often.


Yeah, those would definitely not break the game at all. You should do the balance patches for blzrd.


I agree with others that she doesn’t need a buff.

You press right mouse button and shut down DF, Lucio, Hammond, Mei, Orisa and generally tanks or high ability reliant heroes.

Vs tanks her weapon damage is okay but she isn’t a DPS hero, that’s just blizzards very basic category system, if she was in other moba games,

*Damage dealer


Sombra’s hack makes her extremely powerful and even in same cases literally broken as she is a soft counter to almost every hero in the game.

She doesn’t need buffs.


Her machine pistol actually does good damage, but she doesn’t need to deal high damage because she makes her targets completely worthless when she hacks them.

Hack is interrupted by damage because that’s the only way you could actually stop it…

There is a delay when you come out of stealth because if there wasn’t it would allow you to sneak up behind someone and unload the whole magazine into their head before they even turned around.


But then whats the point of the flanking stealth hero?
Its not like we are talking about Spy from TF2 who can just stab you in the back and proceed to eliminate the whole team from behind all of this in complete silence, the machine pistol does too low damage for that.

To kill a basic dps char with 200 hp i need to shoot them at point blank using up atleast 25 ammo, that would be fine if you could fire from stealth but because you cant, you now need almost 1 second to unstealth find a suitable target and hope no one has noticed you yet because once you start firing they will see and hear you.


Sombra gets an indirect damage buff vs armor next patch. Sombra is a good hero but a teamplay demanding one. Definitely not weak or in need of any buffs.


Sombra is not meant to assassinate just anyone, she’s meant to prime the enemy for initiation. Hack Rein to bring his shield down and a Ult can be twice as devastating. Her gun is very effective on targets vulnerable at close range (Widow, Zen, Mercy, etc.) and that’s who you should be attacking. She should not be able to kill most heroes, the point is that the people who she does kill have high value.

And she’s not exclusively a flanker, she can also defend the backline because mobile heroes like Doomfist and Tracer are destroyed by hacks.


Wish they just made a stealth assassin, its clearly what the people want.
A hero with no CC and an offensive only dash (like shadow step, needs a target to be used meaning it wont be used to escapes) and a stealth, the ult can suck. Might as well add energy to is so it wont be able to one shot people to fast and needs to cooldown a little after a kill. Bonus damage to the back sounds nice.


She counters Genji and Tracer. Anything that counters them just gets nerfed into oblivion so Sombra wont get buffs. The pros wont like it and theyre the most important part of OW

The really stupid thing is that Sombra is a “Stealth Assassin” who announces her arrival for all to hear and without godlike aim couldnt assassinate a tomato