Can't login to Overwatch servers

Can’t login into the game. I was disconnected in the middle of the match and now I can’t connect to the game servers. It was laggy the entire evening too. Are the servers down? Because I tested my internet connection and it seems pretty fine.


Battle Net app is not displaying at all, only icon in system tray is displaying. Logging in OW gives BN-115 error.


Yes, same here…I think servers are down…

Same here, same issue happened on call of duty, I blame the battlenet sync up , I still cant access COD, so i’m guessing same will happen here, Apparently this mostly hits EU.

:unamused: :unamused: :unamused: Just as soon as i wanted to log in for a few matches… so disappointing :roll_eyes: :mask: :disappointed_relieved:

yeah servers seem down very sad when you just wanted to play some saturday night overwatch :sob:

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Same here, I think is the server problem.

The same. Error BN-115

Same here, disconnected in the middle of a Warzone game, can’t launch Over Watch or StarCraft II, can’t log in battlenet, servers I guess.
Error BN-115

same here its now not letting me go online, my friend is having the same issue :frowning:

But some of my friends are still playing OverWatch. Weird…

hmm do they know about it?
the server not letting us on?

Works again, enjoy guys.

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Same here :confused:

OK everyone you should be ok to login now :+1:

I’m still unable to login since yesterday night though :pensive:

If you are still unable this may be a separate issue as servers are now working as intended

Same problem, your Middle East servers have been down since the Anniversary update and I am unable to join any ME game instead all are EU games and laggy as hell… it’s been a week man please fix it