Chat filter, gg ez, sucking thumbs etc


(Sry for my english it’s obvious that i am not fluent)
I can turn off profanity filter but how to turn off this type of messages?

“Mommy says people my age shouldn’t suck their thumbs.”
“I could really use a hug right now.”
“I have anger issues but I’m trying to work over it”

I don’t even understand why someone even wanted to hide “gg ez” type of messages by 10 times more enraging phrases
(Idc if other people see my messages filtered or not, i want to see other people messages as they typed it)


The enraging comments would only enrage the person trying to enrage others in the match as the filter turns it back on the person who is using gg ez.

To answer your question, you can’t turn it off.


Except people knows what these messages mean.

Honestly I find them more annoying for the simple reason that they take up more space in the chat. The idea behind them was fun at the time, but it was always rather pointless.

Personally I’d say remove censoring and let people report if they get offended.


Just rightclick and report for toxic chat behavour :slight_smile: Been doing this for a while now and seeing the amount of replyforms I got back from Blizz saying they handled a report this should help Overwatch stay friendly.


Blizzard treats us like children OR assumes most of the people who play their games are children OR tries to get as many children to play their games as possible.

None of these options is pretty.