Cheater or do they not exist?

Came across this Hanzo/widow? Terrible positioning lots of headshots.

Any thoughts?


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Cheaters in Overwatch exist, but never for long…

There is 4 weeks period where they check if they really cheat.
Which is bull****. Let ppl with higher ranks review matches while they w8 for que.
But no let some1 ruin game for 4 weeks and then decide, that’s a joke.
There should be one and only one line.
If you cheated, “bye, bye” blocked IP.
If you **** around they will just come back.

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Don’t give them to high ranks, or players with high levels.

Playtime does not indicate how good they are towards the playerbase.

High ranked players also do smurf, so technically high ranks cannot be trusted.

Yeah they need to make a team of people who check these and vote in a client. If enough votes the play gets actioned.

You could have hundreds of players on the scheme who can review, but you’d only need like 30/40 yays to get the action taken.

I think Counter Strike as something like this. Ironically called Overwatch…

Just ran into the same cheater twice in a row, not much else you can do but report them if you believe they’re cheating and let blizzard ignore your report and just take the loss

I get dozens upon dozens of cheaters every day. It’s disgusting how many I get and have been getting for the past two years since they started appearing in my games after private profiles and LFG got added.
Unable to climb no matter how hard I work at the game because some baby needing their hand held can just team wipe and rocket up in SR while mine gets smashed down because the matchmaking system thinks I was having a hard time beating them for other reasons.
And no. They’re not smurfs. Smurfs can actually play the game at a demonstrably higher level. In fact I would go so far as to say the so called “smurfing problem” isn’t the real issue and people are just misidentifying aimbots.

Hate to admit… but I saw a cheater with golden lvl… sooo

Seen quite a lot with diamond level. They can gain levels really fast because they don’t have to practice or warm up or review their gameplay in between matches or take breaks. It’s just game after game after game.