Cheating in competitive

Can someone take a look at Wrecking Ball on the red team second round of the game (when they are defending).
Hopefully there’s a mod here that can get this guy banned as it seems like he is using an aimbot.

Replay code 0WP8KX

Yep, guy is 100% using some sort of soft aimbot.
Overall, his aim is bad to the point where he can’t even track an entire player model, but then suddenly his crosshairs glues itself to a player head.

08:25 - can’t aim at Ana properly, but then glues itself to her head,
10:35 - tries to lock to Mercy, but her head hatbox is obscured by rest of her model, so it locks to Junkrat instead,

It’s pretty obvious how one moment his aim is badly deviating of target, and then “glues itself” to the head hit box, and lacks any deviation :man_facepalming:

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Wow. This is a first. Someone thinking possible cheating and providing a code that proves it.

Yeah definitely cheating.

Just as a note though, as long as you’ve reported in game, that is all you need to do. Luckily you’ve worded your post well, so you can’t really get tagged for naming and shaming.

What you can do is email the game code to a specific hack reporting email they have. Which I can’t remember of the top of my head (will edit this when I find it).

----- edit
That didn’t take long.
(should have remembered that, it is hardly something covert lol)

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Thanks for the email address, I have reported the player in-game but can’t hurt to send an email too I guess.

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