Climbing as Support

Hello forums,

I am starting to get really agitated with the Comp Ranking system. I placed Plat in S4 (Gold S3) and then before they stopped the rank decay in S5, they deranked me to gold.

Ever since, I’ve been fluctauting between Gold 1-Gold 5. After playing today and yesterday, the game forces me in to 12 losses and de ranks me from Gold 5 to Silver 4. My first two games into this new rank reset and im 0-2.

How can I climb? When losing those 12 games, in almost every game, the enemy DPS and Tank where above 20 kills each, whereas my teams DPS and Tank didnt have above 10 collectively.

I try to ensure that I am doing DPS as well as healing, however it is impossible to climb when I am getting every game like the above.

The ranking is absolutely ridiculous, is there a way to get a rank reset or is they something else that I need to be doing as I’m fed up of deranking.

When I was in Plat, it really felt like thats where I was meant to be. The games seemed pretty balanced even if we didnt win every game.

I play Kiriko, Illari mostly but I can play all support heroes. I play on Xbox Series S too so I know that ny frames are good too. I used to Mercy Main but its impossible to climb as Mercy from low ELO.

In my experience of playing OW, this is the worst competitive has ever been. No game is balanced as you either get completely destroyed or your team does the destroying.

Any tips/help to climb back to Plat would be appreciated.

You are right that the matchmaking system is broken. The decay idea was a terrible amature feature of the game that hampered many peoples ranks. It was such a stupid idea. Sure, decay long-term leavers, but consistent daily gamers? I was D1 and demoted to P1 on one season. What the hell was the logic there?

My issue now is the amount of leavers I get, or like last round, a 4min round tracer who had 700dmg… No matter how well I play over each of my placements, I’m hampered by leavers.

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Im currently 1-4 on Support. I now dont even want to finish the card because I can feel that I’m going to derank even if I win the next 4 games.

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There is that ofcourse - this placement idea is a terrible one. The last system was instant, validating, and the promotion/demotion screens you could work with as you can literally see the tier bands by SR value.

Even if you don’t finish this set, it will affect your rank when the season changes.

It’s only a visual update for us players every 5/15.

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I play Mercy and i have 60 hrs on mercy and am SUCH a better healer than my mate who is PLAT 5 WHILE IM BRONZE 1 HOW PLEASE CHANGE THE SUPPORT RANK SYSTEM I BEG I SHOULD BE PLAT YET IM BRONZE IM BEGGING

Have you played damage and tank lately? Even in quickplay?

It could be that not playing all roles the tank and damage mmr are decaying and thus pulling down yor rank.

If this is the case then bliz is aware and they’re looking into it. Not sure how long we need to wait for a fix though.