Competitive is a absolute joke

The competitive play in this game is a absolute joke.

The game assigns a load of high ranking players on one side, and low-ranking players on my team and apparently that’s fair. Why have Blizzard been so complacent and lazy and allowed this? This is what is really putting me off Overwatch.

I know this has been a prevalent issue because I’ve been reading old posts on this forum and Reddit. it’s absolutely appalling Blizzard has done nothing to rectify this. I’ve lost over two hundred SR today because of this incompetent matchmaking.

Its kinda messed up.
Match with 2700 SR, one tank player has 2000 SR (what the hell?) and nobody is diamond from both teams.
Between 2700 SR and 3000 SR arent big difference, but 2000 does really big.

I have plenty matches, which every player has big difference SR from very low or very high.

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I feel your pain I was placed with plat and diamond players throughout my placements and won 3/5 games. I got gold elims and damage as tank every time. I clutched with my ult so many times. yet i got placed 55 sr of of plat. I play 1 game to get into plat and enf up going against a really well rounded team that were probably in game chat as they were always healing and in a group and on my team i have silver players that throw and rush in and dont heal at all.

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I honestly don’t know what todo anymore.

You somehow get these players who get into the top 500 rank in their region and think they’re too good to affiliate with mere mortals and don’t wanna help. So it just seems we have to slug right on and just suck it up.

I usually get gold damage too, but I’m always made to feel I didn’t try hard enough.

Well Iam not a top 500 but at least my peak (different acc) is 3750. And the reason that high rank player’s don’t want to help probably is that they have been through that crap as well.

I think this is because less and less people plays the game. Or at least comp. If the player base is lower, than the matchmaking raises the SR range to find you players… I was in a game last time mixed with silvers, golds and plats (I’m gold). Not like there’s a difference between these 3, but if you win, you win less SR, if you lose, you lose more…

I know how you feel. I hate playing this game. I hate playing tank while I love tank. Matchmakings are never fair for tank mains. Always the same story with not having equal mmr players on your team. Players from Plat till Masters in one match. Difference of 600 SR. Ranked is bad and blizzard does not do anything to fix the issue.

I got a plat rated dps who threw the match because everyone else was gold and silver…