Competitive is completely unplayable

Competitive is completely 1 sided and I cant even leave spawn now. I only play support and all of my teams just walk in straight lines and dont even know basic strategy. This is incredibly shocking and they clearly were not learning at all…

Why is this a thing? Its disgusting… Its completely unplayable for me now…


Low ranked players don’t learn.

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Supports are the worst. I can play game after game, having twice the damage and kills as any other dps in the game. The tank can be decent too, but we are screwed because of a Moira with 1500 heals after 2 rounds, or a Zen that doesn’t understand that Reinhardt can take a “little” bit more beating than him.

Last game, just a few mins ago, I was standing in the middle of my team with 10% hp, spamming “Need healing”. Both Ana and Moira was very close to me, but no.
No reaction what so ever.

That’s what I get game after game, impossible to progress with. And then, eventually, when having 10 wins, I get bronze 4.

And don’t say that it’s because I belong there, because I’m top damage and kills basically every game, and I totally dominate the other dps 1v1 most of the time.

I got a bronze 3 placement and even bad team mates couldn’t keep me there forever, yes you will get setbacks and deranks from streaks of bad teams and it may take you longer than it should in a fair world, but the law of average should allow you to climb out, eventually.

Feel free to complain about those bad streaks, I always do…. but if it is EVERY SINGLE GAME and those streaks don’t eventually stop, the problem might not be with the supports.

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making the right picks are just more important now as support. If you claim that your team just goes straight in, I’m guessing the complaints come from you getting jumped. Play a hero that has more survivability/mobility then.

Easier hero’s in this meta: Moira, Kiriko, Lucio, Mercy
Harder hero’s in this meta: zen, ana, brigitte
Baptiste will be in the middle but because meta (hog, sojourn, …) there is not a lot of need to pick him.

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IMO it isnt even a competitve game. Ignore the chat and just play fun heroes!

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