Competitive matchmaking needs reconsidering - New players in D1/M5


Please review this. A new player was dropped into a high elo match D1/M5. He had zero kills and managed only 2k dmg over the entire match.

This should not be happening. You give me leavers, and now brand new players to OW. They should be no where near this elo. Even they admitted it.

I have the code pinned, drop me a message if you want it.

Update 11/09

Hello Blizzard? Care to review and fix this?

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Nope, the company is busy being acquired so likely nothing will be done until that is completed. Between the cheaters, the smurfs, and the matchmaker that puts four different ranks in the same lobby the game is unplayable in Competitive mode. Quickplay is just a revolving door, and the events are a snooze fest. This is a cosmetics shop with a game attached as some sort of apendix, and Blizzard management is wondering why they get so many negative reviews on platforms like Steam or Metacritic.

They think its a review bomb rather than critical reviews. I don’t recall top class games getting review bombed.

However, they are taking note from a single female content creator on YouTube now rather than reviewing the actual forums which have been communicating those exact thoughts of said YouTuber… Blizzard are a Simp now, nothing more.

There is zero point to play Competitive Mode anymore.

If you have tons of hours to throw everyday, you can try it.

Competitive Mode is just a trash bin full of so many issues that I don’t even bother to list it here.

It’s 7.5 yrs since ow1 released to market. The Dev team still can not figure out a decent concept / algorithm to provide healthy game environment.

If someone will put this on their resume, I will laugh at it.

So you mean like literally every game ever made.

Oh you think they added that community requested feature out of the goodness of their heart… No, they did it because they would sell more units.

Overwatch has never been any different. Never will be.

The game is a solid B tier competitive game. Exactly where all Blizzard games are. That is their target audience. Easy to pick up, play, pay and walk away games.

Anyone thinking Microsoft is going to change anything is kidding themselves… They’ve bought it to drive more people into Game Pass subscriptions, and for the right to the IPs in other media).