Competitive matchmaking


im sorry i love the game and all and im playing hours every single day but srsly the matchmaking for competitive is srsly disappointing!!

most of the time im placed in the team with lower ranked players, namely lesser gold players, or lower levels than the players of the opposing team.

ive been playing comp for the past few hours and ive been losing ALL of them about 9 10 matches straight and lost about 200 RP consecutively because of trashy teammates who cant dps properly even though as a healer main i always prioritise providing heals and healing as much as possible and often get gold healing as a moira or lucio (mainly play these 2).

the stupid matchmaking with trashy teammates has made me drop from gold to silver in a day and im still losing right now. srsly pls fix the matchmaking!!




Stop playing once you get tilted. Matchmaking isn’t perfect, but it’s not the sole issue either. A 200SR fluctuation in a rank as low as gold means nothing, the lower you go the lesser the skill gap between each 100 SR.


that is why i posted we need a Tournament mode, which would only be for serious players!
if some idiot quits the match for one Round lost, that guy would be banned for 4 weeks!
also you can only play Tournament Play with only Competitive Points.

Also for crap players who love to waste time with Widowmaker and then at loosing end of game, they switch characters will not be able to do so. For in Tournament Play, you can only pick one character per Rounds, so it encourages players to stick to their mains! After Round ends, then they can switch characters


wow as low as gold u r a pro indeed arrogant boi


tournament mode?sounds interesting.i was thinking about more like hardcore mode, u need to lay x hour a week otherwise no more hardcore for the season, only thing u get is rank in that mode,noardcore points for cosmetics, no end of season reward, no placements after midseason(maybe even the hero bans that ppl seem to like so much)(and maybe, crazy idead, friendly fire).just cut all the fat that casuals love about comp, dont go out of ur way to make it fun for them