Competitive matchmaking

Idk what’s with this games ranked system. I struggle to find fair matches because I either have much worse teammates or my team in general consists of players worse than the enemy myself included

That happens sometimes.
It’s really discouraging when every enemy has 20 elims while your team has barely 10 put together.
Plenty of reasons why and how but regardless of those it doesn’t feel nice.

Maybe the enemy had better communication, maybe they were a team of friends that play a lot together, who knows.
Maybe your mmr is higher than your rank suggests.

Still doesnt excuse a silver (me) being matched against a t500 challenger and diamond challenger enemies.

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It doesnt happen sometimes… it happens 80% of the time. season 1-2 were a lot better imo than s3. They seem to have reverted everything they did well just to go back to the bad matchmaking of ow1

I’ve actually had more good matches in this season than before. Stomps happen but that’s usually because a higher ranked player sneaks into the match by grouping up with someone lower.
Me (a gold) recently went against diamonds. That baptiste butchered my entire team several times.
The other 2 supports were low gold. So either i or my other support was deemed equal to this diamond player.

Yep, the matchmaking is absolutely BS at the moment. When the profiles are open you can clearly see why! The difference between the queues, one team having high diamond, the other have low gold and low plat for instance - it’s always going to end one way only.

Blizzard have clearly broken their code again. It just goes to show that they’re clearly not testing whatever is being thrown at production. They clearly have no regression testing or impact testing whatever they’re churning out. They really need to invest in some proper competent resource around this area.

I’m just so tired of this dog water matchmaking as soon as I rank up to diamond for example I always drop down cus I get useless zen and moira one tricks while the enemy team are full of decent players

You climb and lose against better players…


One tricks aren’t your problem, you are.