Competitive SR 2700-3000, fairly competitive but non-toxic

Been playing competitive overwatch since season 11/12, climbed to diamond but solo queueing is just getting a bit old and watching the OWL has motivated me to play with a 2-4 stack and enjoy my losses as well as my wins.

I main zarya but i play all healers apart from lucio to a decent level and I have respectful DPS performance (hitscan + pharah) from my years playing Halo 2 (onwards), which is where my background lies.

I just want to play good, tactical overwatch and i dont really care about which way my SR goes. I play most weekdays for 2-3 hours but my job can be demanding at times.

Add my gamertag - Lux aethereum
will also try and monitor this thread for responses.
PS im from the UK