Costumer Support told me to ask here


Alright so here is the problem. Played competitive OW and my PC overheats and turns off. I come bac to the game later to see i’m Suspender/Banned. I do research on the internet and see that it can happen when you leave and that it is automated,but that there should be a timer on the Competitive banner to say how long and i don’t have it. The only time i played competitive beside this season was seasons 5 and 6 and did not get any suspensions. I know suspensions go from 10 minutes to 24 hours. So this being my first time and i can’t see the timer, is it possible its a lifetime ban?


First is 10 mins , if those 10 mins passed you won’t see the timer anymore and you’ll be able to play.


That is the problem for me. It is my first time getting a suspension but it’s not 10 mins. It happened last night and i didn’t have a timer then nor now.


I don’t think it is a lifetime ban if it’s the 1st time this is happening. Anyway are you able to play or the problem is that you don’t see a timer and you are still banned?


I have a Print Screen picture i just don’t know how to post it here. My Competitive banner is loced i only can’t play that. And i don’t have a timer or anything like i should that tells me i got suspended or for how much.


Did you chec`k your email ? Maybe they sent you an email with the time for your suspension. Anyway that’s weird regarding the fact that you said you only left 1 competitive game.


I just chec’ked it again and the only thing from yersterday from blizzard is an email to change my password. I’m sure i didn’t get suspended before and just started playing again less then a week ago i think and it was a first time i left the match. So i really don’t know. I even contacted costumer support they said that they don’t know, that i should just wait out the whole season…


Yea well 1st is 10 mins, then is 30 mins etc , and i think after that is a season ban . And probably after the season ban if the issue continues you get a permanent ban . They also give you a warning in game when that happens.


I don’t like it does not say the time makes me feel likes is permanent ban, but on the other hand i know it’s my first… so i’m really confused. I looked at some pictures on google and it should say the time or have an “!” for info on the Competitive banner… I didn’t get an in game warning or anything.
So my first time, no warning no time left for suspension no emails no nothing. You can see why i’m a bit stressed out? :confused:


From what I read if there is no timer on the banner your account is banned till the start of next season.


Well if it is so ill wait 17 days and see, better then a permanent ban but still stupid cause it was my first one. Ty for the help